Interval training for better endurance

Nancy Heijnis
21 April 2022
Reading time: 8 minutes

Do you want to improve your endurance? We are happy to help you with effective training! There are various training and workouts to improve your endurance. For example, you can go for a Hiit workout, rowing, adding jumping exercises to your workout Or of course: running. In this blog we will tell you more about improving your endurance based on this last option!

Improve your endurance

to improve your endurance can of course be like crazy Go training; Put everything on everything and exhaust your body completely. But does this really work? Your endurance will be something better, but otherwise you will undoubtedly just feel worse. To prevent injuries, you should therefore not get to work immediately, but starting with a clear plan. For example, an interval training is an effective way to improve targeted your endurance.

Interval training

With an interval training you go to work targeted. With this you can improve your endurance in a relatively short time. In addition, the advantage of an interval training that you can reach the same in comparison with a sustainability in less training time. For example, several measurements show that with an interval training the maximum oxygen uptake to twice increases compared to a termination training.

What is an interval training?

With an interval training, the effort shorter, but more intense than in a termination training. So you run up to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate for short periods. You therefore pay attention to your heart rate frequency. To find out what your maximum heart rate is, you can use the following formula: 220 min your age. This may differ slightly per person. Where at 60% of your maximum heartbeat is at 60% of your maximum heartbeat, you do an interval training just at 80% to 100% of your maximum heartbeat. If you advanced then you can go for 95% for example and 80% will already be a major challenge for beginners.

Start interval training

Are you beginner? Then go for an interval training once a week. You can then further build this. First start with the warming up and any stretching and stretching exercises, then you can start the training.

  • Start walking and build your pace, run a little harder every 100 meters, Until you finally sit at your maximum speed after about 300 meters (80% - 100% of your maximum heart rate).

  • Do this five times for 30 seconds and take between every sprint 30 second rests by calm.

  • After these five sprints, you take a longer pause of two minutes.

  • Then give everything to the last three sprints. Again 30 seconds running at 80% - 100% of your maximum heart rate and in between running 30 seconds.

  • Walk out at the end of the training for 5 minutes.

With interval training you can vary endlessly. Often the sprints are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and keep you run between these sprints between 30 seconds and two minutes of rest. Therefore, discover what suits you, so that you can effectively train your endurance!

What should you not forget?

to hold interval training There are a number of things that we would like to help you remember. For example, never forget the warm-up. During an interval training you ask a lot from your body and in particular with this type of training, it is therefore unwise important to put time in warming up. In addition, go for the right food and make sure you didn’t eat too short before your start with interval training. An interval training does not succeed with a full stomach. Take a look at our Food supplements for endurance  for suitable food. Finally: the running shoes. For running you need few necessities and accessories in principle, except the correct running shoes. Very important to look good here, so that your injuries occurs and running the running!

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