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M Double You

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Expert in top quality, taste and knowledge for over 35 years. If you value experience, quality and delicious honest products, then you cannot ignore M Double You. M Double You is the first serious sports nutrition brand in the Netherlands and is most appreciated by our customers.


Our choice
M Double You - 100% Whey Protein
100% Whey ProteinM Double You
29,90 25,40
M Double You - LPG
LPGM Double You
29,90 25,40
Our choice
M Double You - Amino XPlode
Amino XPlodeM Double You
38,90 33,05
M Double You - Multi Max
Multi MaxM Double You
14,75 12,55
M Double You - Stack 2
Stack 2M Double You
16,90 14,35
M Double You - Liquid Magnesium
Liquid MagnesiumM Double You
29,90 25,40
M Double You - Liquid Burner
Liquid BurnerM Double You
29,90 25,40
M Double You - Fatblocker
FatblockerM Double You
17,90 15,20
M Double You - Whey Amino
Whey AminoM Double You
17,95 15,25
M Double You - Micro Whey
Micro WheyM Double You
37,50 31,90
M Double You - Iron Grips
Iron GripsM Double You
M Double You - Leather Belt
Leather BeltM Double You
M Double You - Professional Grip
Professional GripM Double You
M Double You - Super Grip Gloves
Super Grip GlovesM Double You
M Double You - Heavy PowerBelt
Heavy PowerBeltM Double You
M Double You - Tribulus
TribulusM Double You
M Double You - Liquid Amino
Liquid AminoM Double You
M Double You - Whey Isolate
Whey IsolateM Double You
M Double You - Cal & Mag
Cal & MagM Double You
M Double You - XXL Gainer
XXL GainerM Double You
M Double You - Stack 5
Stack 5M Double You
M Double You - Milk & Whey Proteïne
Milk & Whey ProteïneM Double You
M Double You - Extreme Burner
Extreme BurnerM Double You
M Double You - PEM Cooking Spray
PEM Cooking SprayM Double You
M Double You - Get Pumped 3.0 Pre-Workout
Get Pumped 3.0 Pre-WorkoutM Double You
M Double You - Creatine Powder met Creapure®
Creatine Powder met Creapure®M Double You

Expert in top quality, taste and knowledge for over 35 years. If you value experience, quality and delicious honest products, then you cannot ignore M Double You. M Double You is the first serious sports nutrition brand in the Netherlands and is most appreciated by our customers.

The origin of M Double You

In the early 1980s, sports supplements were not nearly as common as they are today. There were some American brands available here and there, but these sports supplements raised more questions than answers. At that time there was still a lot of confusion about its use and how it works and a good taste was also hard to find. So time for a change! With that in mind, Marco Verhoek founded M Double You in 1986.

The goal of M Double You

We at M Double You have a clear goal: to produce high-quality sports nutrition with a good taste and to make people aware of the fact that supplements are an important part of daily sports nutrition. M Double You has achieved this goal and has developed into an 'extremely strong' brand. A brand that has been a leader in quality, taste and above all knowledge for more than 35 years. The use of good sports nutrition only yields results if you also know why, how and when you can use the different products. M Double You is therefore happy to take you into the world of sports nutrition to ensure that you get the best result from your workout. With delicious products and explanations that really help you!

How does M Double You guarantee top quality?

In order to guarantee the high quality, M Double You products are produced in-house at House of Nutrition. This way we know exactly which ingredients are used and top quality is always delivered. But did you also know that it is the tastiest sports nutrition in the Netherlands? M Double You consistently invests a part of its development budget in improving the taste of the products. With these delicious products you will not suffer from bloating or other discomforts!

Whey Isolate

One of M Double You's most popular products right now is Whey Isolate. This is a pure protein shake with a very high protein value and low lactose and fat content. The shake is quickly absorbed into the body, making it the perfect shake for athletes with a slow metabolism or lactose intolerance. Whey Isolate is available in the flavors vanilla, banana and strawberry.

Pre Workout

Another popular product and one of our favorites is the Pre Workout Get Pumped 3.0. This is one of the most powerful pre-workout supplements on the market and should therefore certainly not be missed for your training. We have the Get Pumped 3.0 in the delicious strawberry with watermelon taste.

Convenience food: convenience serves the consumer

Where a few years ago you still had to flavor your sports nutrition yourself, nowadays this is all arranged for you. Convenience food, for example, has become a trend in recent years: products that you can consume immediately without preparation. Are you looking for this? Then the ready-made drinks and our sports bars are for you!

Powered by House of Nutrition

All M Double You products are produced within House of Nutrition. We love nothing more than to help you outdo yourself. Due to our passion and years of experience in the field of sports and health, we supply high-quality products of the highest quality. We have put together a complete range that allows us to respond to every type of athlete. Everyone has different wishes and needs. Because of our versatile range, the delicious flavors and the high quality, every athlete can come to us!

M Double You buy

Are M Double You products among your favorite nutritional supplements? Or are you not yet familiar with the brand and is it therefore high time to give it a try? You can order M Double You products quickly and easily via House of Nutrition. If you order before midnight, we will ensure that your order is shipped the next day!

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