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At House of Nutrition we are against food waste. Here you will find products with a short shelf life (best before) and the products that will leave our range. OP = OP /End of series.


Super Deal
MP3 Drinks - Burner (12-pack)
Burner (12-pack)MP3 Drinks
19,90 17,90
Super Deal
MP3 Drinks - Energized (12-pack)
Energized (12-pack)MP3 Drinks
19,90 17,90
Banana Deal
First Class Nutrition - Pro88 Day & Night
Pro88 Day & NightFirst Class Nutrition
33,95 28,85
Advantage package
House of Nutrition - Slimming Pack XL
Slimming Pack XLHouse of Nutrition
135,41 120,00
60% Discount
Hype - EAA Sport Drink 5000 mg (12-Pack)
EAA Sport Drink 5000 mg (12-Pack)Hype
19,90 7,95
Run Deal
First Class Nutrition - Omega 3
Omega 3First Class Nutrition
12,90 9,05
50% Discount
Hype - Hype Energy Xtra EAA
Hype Energy Xtra EAAHype
20,90 10,45
First Class Nutrition - Clear Whey
Clear WheyFirst Class Nutrition
21,90 15,90
Discount Package
House of Nutrition - Vitality Pack
Vitality PackHouse of Nutrition
48,30 43,50
Discount package
House of Nutrition - Weight Loss Box
Weight Loss BoxHouse of Nutrition
93,56 85,90
Discount package
Scitec Nutrition - Vegan Pack
Vegan PackScitec Nutrition
50,45 45,40
Super Deal
MP3 Drinks - Carb-Charger (12-pack)
Carb-Charger (12-pack)MP3 Drinks
19,90 17,90
Super Deal
MP3 Drinks - Isotonic sportdrank (12-pack)
Isotonic sportdrank (12-pack)MP3 Drinks
19,90 17,90
50% Discount
First Class Nutrition - Flexi Joint
Flexi JointFirst Class Nutrition
18,90 9,45
Top Deal
First Class Nutrition - Glutamine
GlutamineFirst Class Nutrition
24,95 19,95
Test Box
First Class Nutrition - Clear Whey Mix Box
Clear Whey Mix BoxFirst Class Nutrition
49,25 30,00
Discount package
Scitec Nutrition - Burn It Pack
Burn It PackScitec Nutrition
38,80 35,95
Top Deal
Hype - XXL Energy Mega Deal (72-Pack)
XXL Energy Mega Deal (72-Pack)Hype
73,50 35,00
50% Discount
Hype - Energy (24-pack)
Energy (24-pack)Hype
20,90 10,45
Advantage package
House of Nutrition - Starter Kit
Starter KitHouse of Nutrition
94,85 84,95

We regularly have different promotions. On products that have been newly added to the range and that we would like to introduce you to. Products that have a short expiration date but we do not want to waste it and can best be used after the best before date. Products that will be discontinued ....

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