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M Double You - Micro Whey - 900 gram

The Micro Whey from M Double You is absorbed very quickly by the body. Immediate benefit for optimal muscle recovery and building. The most pure protein isolate with a percentage of 90% of proteins.

  • Extremely pure protein.
  • Very best quality 100% whey isolate.
  • No flavor or sweeteners added.
  • 90% protein per serving!
  • For building fat-free muscle mass and muscle recovery
  • Lightly digestible
  • Halal certified
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Protein percentage of no less than 90%

The Micro Whey protein from M Double You has a high protein percentage of over 90% and is so pure that it is absorbed very quickly by your body. Perfect for drinking right after training to quickly benefit from protein support for muscle recovery.

Shake without artificial sweeteners and sugars

The Micro Whey Protein from M Double You is a protein powder that consists of 100% whey protein isolate, without any additions of artificial sweeteners and sugars . This allows you to mix the Micro Whey in smoothies, with milk and any desired drink.

Suitable for building lean muscle mass

The Micro Whey contributes to the construction of your fat-free muscle mass! The Micro Whey is so pure because the proteins have been filtered several times during the production process in an extremely careful manner. The Micro Whey Protein is composed in a very balanced way, so that all important amino acids are present in this shake.

The benefits of the M Double You Micro Whey proteins:

  • Micro Whey is the most pure protein, extremely fast absorption
  • Micro Whey is the protein shake to support muscle building /muscle strength /muscle mass
  • Micro Whey protein shake has a high protein percentage of over 90%
  • Micro Whey protein shake contains no added flavors or sweeteners
  • Micro Whey protein shake is low in lactose

Halal certified

The Micro Whey from M Double You is also Halal certified.

Nutritional value
Micro Whey
Nutritional value
Composition per dose (25 grams) unflavored
Energy 407 kJ 97 kcal
Protein 23.3g
of which sugars
0.5 g
0.5 g
Of which saturated
0.3 g
0.0 g
Fibers /Fibers 0.0 g
Sodium /Sodium 0.1 g
Micro Whey: Whey protein isolate Micro and Cross filtered (Milk and emulsifier Soy Lecithin). Allergen information: contains milk protein (incl. lactose) and soy.

The use of the M Double You Micro Whey proteins for muscle mass building and recovery:

Calculate 2 grams of Micro Whey proteins per kilogram of body weight and try to take this 3 times a day, preferably with a meal or after your training. Dissolve the Micro Whey proteins (25 grams, 2/3 measuring spoon) in 300 ml of water, skimmed milk or other desired liquid.

When you use the Micro Whey proteins for fast muscle recovery ,

then dissolve 2/3 scoops of Micro Whey proteins (25 grams) in a desired liquid and take this protein shake immediately after your training!

Allergen Info

Contains milk, lactose and emulsifier soy lecithin

Storage advice

Do not exceed daily dose, keep out of reach of small children, close tightly after opening and keep cool and dry.

Micro Whey

M Double You

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