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Protein is an important building block for our body. For example, protein and protein supplements, such as protein shakes and protein powder, support muscle building and muscle recovery. This is especially valuable for (top) athletes after a long and intensive training or competition. In addition, extra protein and protein in a diet also help to lose extra pounds.

All about protein and proteins…

Our choice
Performance Sports Nutrition - Pure Whey
Pure WheyPerformance Sports Nutrition
32,95 29,66
Our choice
M Double You - 100% Whey Protein
100% Whey ProteinM Double You
34,95 31,46
Our choice
First Class Nutrition - 100% Whey sensation
100% Whey sensationFirst Class Nutrition
M Double You - Crisp Protein Bite (10-pack)
Crisp Protein Bite (10-pack)M Double You
NJIE - Protein Milkshake (8-Pack)
Protein Milkshake (8-Pack)NJIE
24,95 22,46
Our choice
M Double You - Milk & Whey Proteïne
Milk & Whey ProteïneM Double You
31,50 28,35
Our choice
First Class Nutrition - Pro88 Day & Night
Pro88 Day & NightFirst Class Nutrition
First Class Nutrition - Pancake Mix
Pancake MixFirst Class Nutrition
House of Nutrition - Pro Shake
Pro ShakeHouse of Nutrition
94,90 85,41
First Class Nutrition - Hydro Recup
Hydro RecupFirst Class Nutrition
M Double You - PeptoPro
PeptoProM Double You
37,61 28,20
Performance Sports Nutrition - Delicious Sports Breakfast
Delicious Sports BreakfastPerformance Sports Nutrition
Performance Sports Nutrition - Recup Xtreme
Recup XtremePerformance Sports Nutrition
Performance Sports Nutrition - Delicious Sports Breakfast Sachet
Delicious Sports Breakfast SachetPerformance Sports Nutrition
Our choice
M Double You - Whey Isolate
Whey IsolateM Double You
35,95 32,36
Performance Sports Nutrition - Protein Baking Mix
Protein Baking MixPerformance Sports Nutrition
M Double You - Whey Surprise Box
Whey Surprise BoxM Double You
Performance Sports Nutrition - Whey Protein Isolate
Whey Protein IsolatePerformance Sports Nutrition
M Double You - Micro Whey
Micro WheyM Double You
M Double You - 100% Milk Proteïne
100% Milk ProteïneM Double You
Performance Sports Nutrition - Instant Recovery Complex
Instant Recovery ComplexPerformance Sports Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein Professional
100% Whey Protein ProfessionalScitec Nutrition
36,50 31,03
Top deal
Barebells - Protein Bars (12-pack)
Protein Bars (12-pack)Barebells
26,90 22,85
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Isolate
100% Whey IsolateScitec Nutrition
33,54 28,51
Nutrend - Deluxe Protein Bar (12-Pack)
Deluxe Protein Bar (12-Pack)Nutrend
25,50 22,95
Nutrend - Protein Pancake
Protein PancakeNutrend
18,50 16,65
Scitec Nutrition - Oatmeal
OatmealScitec Nutrition
18,50 15,73
Nutrend - Protein Bar 23% (24-Pack)
Protein Bar 23% (24-Pack)Nutrend
34,50 31,05
Our choice
NJIE - Protein Bar (12-pack)
Protein Bar (12-pack)NJIE
29,95 26,96
Nutrend - 100% Whey Protein
100% Whey ProteinNutrend
33,90 30,51
Nutrend - Delicious Vegan Protein
Delicious Vegan ProteinNutrend
12,50 11,25
Barebells - Vegan Protein Bar (12-Pack)
Vegan Protein Bar (12-Pack)Barebells
Nutrend - Protein Porridge
Protein PorridgeNutrend
11,90 10,71
Nutrend - 100% Beef Protein
100% Beef ProteinNutrend
33,91 30,52
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Pancake
Protein PancakeScitec Nutrition
24,90 21,17
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Casein Complex
100% Casein ComplexScitec Nutrition
32,50 27,63
NJIE - Protein Pudding (12-pack)
Protein Pudding (12-pack)NJIE
29,95 26,96
Nutrend - Diet Protein
Diet ProteinNutrend
12,50 11,25
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate Peptides
100% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate PeptidesScitec Nutrition
39,90 33,92
Scitec Nutrition - Arthroxon Plus
Arthroxon PlusScitec Nutrition
25,90 22,02
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Breakfast
Protein BreakfastScitec Nutrition
16,90 14,37
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Beef Muscle
100% Beef MuscleScitec Nutrition
66,50 56,53
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein
100% Whey ProteinScitec Nutrition
36,95 31,41
Scitec Nutrition - Collagen Liquid
Collagen LiquidScitec Nutrition
Applied Nutrition - Marine Collagen
Marine CollagenApplied Nutrition
39,95 37,95
Nutrend - Vegan Protein Crunchy Bar (25-pack)
Vegan Protein Crunchy Bar (25-pack)Nutrend
34,95 31,46
Novo - Protein Break (16-pack)
Protein Break (16-pack)Novo
Applied Nutrition - Clear Vegan
Clear VeganApplied Nutrition
51,75 49,16
Applied Nutrition - Keto Collagen
Keto CollagenApplied Nutrition
33,95 32,25
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Vegan Protein
100% Vegan ProteinScitec Nutrition
36,50 31,03
Nutrend - Vegan Protein Fruit Bar (20-pack)
Vegan Protein Fruit Bar (20-pack)Nutrend
25,60 23,04
Nutrend - Beauty Collagen Porridge (5-pack)
Beauty Collagen Porridge (5-pack)Nutrend
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Ice Cream
Protein Ice CreamScitec Nutrition
18,48 15,71
Scitec Nutrition - Iso Clear Protein
Iso Clear ProteinScitec Nutrition
39,95 33,96
Vitargo - Post
Applied Nutrition - Diet Whey
Diet WheyApplied Nutrition
32,50 30,88
Scitec Nutrition - Collagen Xpress
Collagen XpressScitec Nutrition
37,61 31,97
Applied Nutrition - Critical Whey
Critical WheyApplied Nutrition
49,50 47,03
Applied Nutrition - Iso-XP
Iso-XPApplied Nutrition
34,68 32,95
Scitec Nutrition - 100% Hydro Isolate
100% Hydro IsolateScitec Nutrition
34,95 29,71
Applied Nutrition - Vegan-Pro
Vegan-ProApplied Nutrition
20,50 19,48
Applied Nutrition - Clear Whey
Clear WheyApplied Nutrition
46,50 44,18
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Delite
Protein DeliteScitec Nutrition
Nutrend - Hydro Whey
Hydro WheyNutrend
Nutrend - Protein Pancake Bake & Roll
Protein Pancake Bake & RollNutrend

Protein is an important building block for our body. For example, protein and protein supplements, such as protein shakes and protein powder, support muscle building and muscle recovery. This is especially valuable for (top) athletes after a long and intensive training or competition. In addition, extra protein and protein in a diet also help to lose extra pounds.

All about protein and proteins…

What is the difference between egg whites and protein?

The different terms, 'protein' and 'protein', can sometimes cause confusion. For example, many wonder whether protein and protein mean the same and is there a difference between protein and protein shakes? Despite the different names, proteins and protein mean exactly the same thing. Protein comes from the English word 'protein'. We use protein with a diaeresis from the French language.

Why use egg whites /protein?

The use of proteins offers several great advantages. Basically, protein/protein is simply a very important nutrient for your body. Strength athletes have known it for a long time: Proteins are essential for muscle building. Mild muscle damage occurs during exercise. That is why the body needs extra proteins that the body converts into amino acids so that muscle and body cells can recover. A fast and efficient way to get protein is to consume a protein shake or, for example, a protein bar. In recent years, protein supplements have become increasingly popular in the fitness world and protein for fitness has become indispensable.

Protein works optimally when you take it 10 minutes after training. At this point, all receptors are open. Muscle protein synthesis is at its highest at this time, which underlies muscle building. You can compare it to fluids that your body asks for after an intense running session. After heavy strength training, minor tears appear in the muscles. The body now asks for proteins (amino acids) with which the cracks can be healed. Protein therefore ensures muscle recovery and muscle building.

Do you train 5-6 times a week? Then your body has a much greater need for proteins. For example, also take proteins before exercise, so that the body can already start pre-digesting and can start the repair or muscle recovery earlier.

Protein Supplements for Weight Loss

In addition to using protein/protein for muscle building, protein supplements can also be used in weight loss. Taking sufficient protein, in combination with strength training, can support weight loss and weight maintenance. It is important to remember that proteins are only supportive. Without the right diet and the right training, it has no effect.

There are different types of proteins. Milk proteins are digested more slowly by the body. The big advantage of this is that you will be less hungry after taking the protein supplement. So you will be less likely to be tempted to eat other things. And that is very nice, especially given the fact that many strength athletes follow a specific nutrition schedule. Proteins prevent the breakdown of muscles during weight loss and an additional advantage is that you maintain a better weight after weight loss.

Types of proteins

There are various types of proteins and in addition, the choice for the way to take proteins is different for everyone. For example, your preference can first of all go to natural or animal products. You can think of peas, cottage cheese, goat milk or hemp seed. Secondly, you may prefer to take protein in the form of shakes and powder. Among athletes, proteins are the most popular supplement and the range of types of proteins is therefore overwhelming. One of the most popular forms of protein powder is whey protein. Whey is a natural product that is released during the production of cheese. The protein comes from cow's milk, but contains little lactose, making it easy for your body to digest. In addition, there are also more and more vegetable proteins on the market. This is often made from proteins from soy, peas or quinoa for example. Some prefer vegetable proteins because they follow a special diet. It is true that animal proteins have a higher amino acid value.

Protein shakes and powder

How do you find out what is the best protein supplement for you? This depends on your training goal. For example, do you choose a protein shake for muscle building and muscle mass? Or are you looking for protein to help you lose weight? Due to the wide range of protein supplements, there is something for everyone. Our personal preference is 100% Whey Protein - M Double You or Pure whey from Performance Sport Nutrition.

buy protein

For buying proteins or protein you have come to the right place. House of Nutrition has a wide range of protein shakes and protein powder, which makes ordering protein easy online. In addition, you will benefit from free shipping on orders from €125 and if you order before 23:59 on a weekday, you will have your protein or protein supplement at home the next day. Enough reason to buy your protein supplements and protein at House of Nutrition.

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