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Would you like to lose weight? Then you will have to eat fewer calories than you burn. Sufficient exercise and a healthy diet play a major role in this. In our webshop you can order slimming products that support your goal. Weight loss supplements that ensure that you keep it up, give the well-known support and are very important in preventing muscle breakdown during a diet. Discover our range on this page!

M Double You - Stack 2
Stack 2M Double You
19,45 17,51
M Double You - Extreme Burner
Extreme BurnerM Double You
19,50 17,55
M Double You - Stack 5
Stack 5M Double You
20,45 18,41
M Double You - Fatblocker
FatblockerM Double You
21,51 19,36
Performance Sports Nutrition - FAT RELEASER PLUS
FAT RELEASER PLUSPerformance Sports Nutrition
20,95 18,86
M Double You - Liquid Burner
Liquid BurnerM Double You
24,95 22,46
Performance Sports Nutrition - MAXALEAN
MAXALEANPerformance Sports Nutrition
19,25 17,33
First Class Nutrition - Oat Mix
Oat MixFirst Class Nutrition
24,95 22,46
First Class Nutrition - Pancake Mix
Pancake MixFirst Class Nutrition
25,95 23,36
Performance Sports Nutrition - Kitchen Scale
Kitchen ScalePerformance Sports Nutrition
12,95 11,66
First Class Nutrition - Blade FX
Blade FXFirst Class Nutrition
34,95 31,46
First Class Nutrition - Xtreme Drive
Xtreme DriveFirst Class Nutrition
29,95 26,96
Performance Sports Nutrition - Delicious Sports Breakfast
Delicious Sports BreakfastPerformance Sports Nutrition
First Class Nutrition - Red Stack Burner
Red Stack BurnerFirst Class Nutrition
Advantage package
House of Nutrition - Slimming Pack XL
Slimming Pack XLHouse of Nutrition
147,57 120,00
Performance Sports Nutrition - Delicious Sports Breakfast Sachet
Delicious Sports Breakfast SachetPerformance Sports Nutrition
2 + 2 FREE
MP3 Drinks - Burner (12-pack)
Burner (12-pack)MP3 Drinks
First Class Nutrition - CLA - Body Toning Formule
CLA - Body Toning FormuleFirst Class Nutrition
Performance Sports Nutrition - FLUID FIGHTER
FLUID FIGHTERPerformance Sports Nutrition
Performance Sports Nutrition - L-Carnitine Liquid
L-Carnitine LiquidPerformance Sports Nutrition
M Double You - PEM Cooking spray
PEM Cooking sprayM Double You
House of Nutrition - Kitchen Scale
Kitchen ScaleHouse of Nutrition
Advantage package
M Double You - Weight Loss Box
Weight Loss BoxM Double You
111,35 100,00
Performance Sports Nutrition - L-Carnitine
L-CarnitinePerformance Sports Nutrition
Performance Sports Nutrition - Yellow Burner
Yellow BurnerPerformance Sports Nutrition
Barebells - Protein Bars (12-pack)
Protein Bars (12-pack)Barebells
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Pancake
Protein PancakeScitec Nutrition
24,90 21,17
Nutrend - Carnitine 3000 Shot
Carnitine 3000 ShotNutrend
28,00 23,80
Nutrend - Fat Direct
Fat DirectNutrend
20,40 17,34
Scitec Nutrition - Caffeine
CaffeineScitec Nutrition
12,50 10,63
Nutrend - Protein Pancake
Protein PancakeNutrend
18,50 15,73
Rabeko - Near Zero Calorie Sauce
Near Zero Calorie SauceRabeko
Scitec Nutrition - Oatmeal
OatmealScitec Nutrition
18,50 15,73
Nutrend - Carnitine 100 000
Carnitine 100 000Nutrend
23,90 20,32
Nutrend - Delicious Vegan Protein
Delicious Vegan ProteinNutrend
12,50 10,63
Barebells - Vegan Protein Bar (12-Pack)
Vegan Protein Bar (12-Pack)Barebells
Scitec Nutrition - CLA
CLAScitec Nutrition
18,90 16,07
Nutrend - Compress Fever Plus
Compress Fever PlusNutrend
43,50 36,98
Scitec Nutrition - Shredex
ShredexScitec Nutrition
41,90 35,62
29,90 25,42
Scitec Nutrition - Revex-16
Revex-16Scitec Nutrition
29,90 25,42
Scitec Nutrition - Chromium Picolinate
Chromium PicolinateScitec Nutrition
12,90 10,97
Nutrend - Beauty Collagen Porridge
Beauty Collagen PorridgeNutrend
11,90 10,12
Nutrend - Thermobooster Compressed Caps
Thermobooster Compressed CapsNutrend
19,10 16,24
Scitec Nutrition - Hyper Carnitine
Hyper CarnitineScitec Nutrition
29,90 25,42
Nutrend - Carnitine Compressed Caps
Carnitine Compressed CapsNutrend
31,90 27,12
Scitec Nutrition - Turbo Ripper
Turbo RipperScitec Nutrition
24,90 21,17
Scitec Nutrition - Liquid Carni-X 100 000
Liquid Carni-X 100 000Scitec Nutrition
27,90 23,72
Scitec Nutrition - Carni Complex
Carni ComplexScitec Nutrition
29,90 25,42
Scitec Nutrition - Green Coffee Complex
Green Coffee ComplexScitec Nutrition
19,90 16,92
Scitec Nutrition - HCA Chitosan
HCA ChitosanScitec Nutrition
27,90 23,72
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Breakfast
Protein BreakfastScitec Nutrition
16,90 14,37
Scitec Nutrition - Carnitine 3000 Shots
Carnitine 3000 ShotsScitec Nutrition
23,40 19,89
Scitec Nutrition - Lecithin
LecithinScitec Nutrition
21,90 18,62
Scitec Nutrition - Mega Carni-X
Mega Carni-XScitec Nutrition
27,90 23,72
Nutrend - Diet Protein
Diet ProteinNutrend
12,50 10,63
Scitec Nutrition - Carni-X
Carni-XScitec Nutrition
16,90 14,37
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Delite
Protein DeliteScitec Nutrition
31,90 27,12
Scitec Nutrition - Iso Clear Protein
Iso Clear ProteinScitec Nutrition
39,95 33,96
Scitec Nutrition - Protein Pudding
Protein PuddingScitec Nutrition
Nutrend - Protein Porridge
Protein PorridgeNutrend
Scitec Nutrition - Oat 'N' Whey
Oat 'N' WheyScitec Nutrition
Applied Nutrition - Shed H20 Water Out Complex
Shed H20 Water Out ComplexApplied Nutrition
39,95 35,96
Applied Nutrition - Diet Whey
Diet WheyApplied Nutrition
Nutrend - CLA Softgel Caps
CLA Softgel CapsNutrend
Scitec Nutrition - Thermo-X
Thermo-XScitec Nutrition
Applied Nutrition - Shred X Powder Fat Burner
Shred X Powder Fat BurnerApplied Nutrition
29,95 26,96
Applied Nutrition - Shred X Fat Burner
Shred X Fat BurnerApplied Nutrition
36,75 33,08
Nutrend - Zerodrinx Tabs
Zerodrinx TabsNutrend
Nutrend - Protein Pancake Bake & Roll
Protein Pancake Bake & RollNutrend
Scitec Nutrition - Oat 'N' Whey Sachet
Oat 'N' Whey SachetScitec Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition - Water Cut
Water CutScitec Nutrition

Would you like to lose weight? Then you will have to eat fewer calories than you burn. Sufficient exercise and a healthy diet play a major role in this. In our webshop you can order slimming products that support your goal. Weight loss supplements that ensure that you keep it up, give the well-known support and are very important in preventing muscle breakdown during a diet. Discover our range on this page!

fat burners

Unfortunately, there are no miracle cures or quick fixes to lose weight fast, because losing weight is just hard work and being consistent. But can a fat burner to ensure that fat burning is supported during training or contain stimulants like guarana, caffeine or taurine. These substances ensure that you get a small boost. This way you can exercise a little more fanatically and burn more calories during your workout. Ingredients that somewhat suppress the feeling of hunger so that you do not eat extra and therefore can better control your calorie intake. Miracle pills? No, unfortunately these do not exist. However, fat burners can support fat burning. In our range you will find different brands of fat burners. We are super excited about fat burners from M Double You, First Class Nutrition fat burners or fat burners from Performance Sports Nutrition.

slimming supplements

In addition to fat burners, there are many more supporting supplements for weight loss . Everything to help you achieve your ultimate goal and to ensure that you do not fall back into old habits. We have a wide range of products. Products with a high dose of L-Carnitine, both in the form of a tablet, liquid or processed in the most delicious sports drinks. In addition, we have two variants of stackers. Try the extreme burner or the O Booster and get the most out of your workouts. Because there are so many different types, you can choose exactly the product that you feel comfortable with. Do you no longer see the forest for the trees or do you not know which products to choose? Ask our customer service! They will provide you with appropriate advice.

You can also add carbohydrate replacement products such as: protein products , meal replacements,protein shakes or low-calorie syrups to your diet. Keep in mind that slimming supplements only support the diet, but you will always have to exercise enough and follow a healthy balanced diet to achieve maximum results.


Do you want to make your diet successful? Dieting becomes a little easier when you can just keep eating things you like. On our diet page you will therefore find products that are among the absolute food cravings for many, which also contain the essential building blocks that you need to make the diet successful. The products are also much lower in sugar and fat content than products you find in the supermarket. Think, for example, of delicious protein brownies, protein pancakes, protein bars or syrups with which you can sweeten your quark, for example.

Meal replacements

Meal replacements can also be a godsend if your sports goal is weight loss. Meal replacements are very easy to prepare and contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins that are essential during weight loss. Meal replacements are often also simple to prepare. The only thing you need to have is a meal replacement to your taste such as pancakes, muffins or pudding.

Furthermore, only water needs to be added. Super handy if you haven't had time to do your shopping yet and have nothing else at home. This way you always have a healthy and nutritious meal in the cupboard and you can lose weight responsibly.

Slimming products as an aid

It is important that you know that weight loss products are not a miracle cure. Weight loss products are a tool that can give you that extra push to get more out of that training, and can help reduce your hunger pangs. Our slimming products support you to achieve your goal in an efficient and effective way: losing weight. By also eating consciously and healthily, and exercising more, you create a basis for a healthy life and a fit body. Useful slimming products always via the prescribed dosage. A slimming product is a tool that promotes weight loss so that you can achieve your target weight.

Buy slimming supplements at House of Nutrition

In short, losing weight requires hard work and consistency, but weight loss supplements can give you that extra push to reach your goal. We carefully select the slimming supplements in our range because we only go for the best of the best. We are proud to say that we have been specialists in this field for more than 35 years! Do you want more information about losing weight? Take a look at our blog or contact customer service on +31 (0)85 210 5010 or mail to .

Do you want to build muscle mass instead of losing weight? Of course we also have the right products for that. Take a look at our ' gaining ' page and order exactly what you need to achieve your goal!

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