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Nancy Heijnis
27 January 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Fortunately the gyms are allowed to open their doors again! Reason enough to tackle sports again fanatics. Are you because of Corona or something else obliged to get started at home with a training program? Try a Hiit Training and discover whether this form of training suits you!

What is a Hiit Training?

Hiit stands for high-intensity interval training. It is a form of interval and cardio training where short periods of super intense exercises alternate with periods filled with less intensive exercises and tranquility. A HIIT training is the perfect workout when you want to optimally stimulate your fat burning and improve your sport performance.

HIIT exercises

There are various exercises that fit into a hiit training. For example, think of Squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups and lunges. For example, with a Hiit training you do 45 seconds push-ups and then take a rest for 15 seconds. In this short period of peace your body collects all the necessary power to counteract it in the next exercise.

HIIT training for home

The big advantage is to hiit Workouts that you can perform this at home. Do you not have a sport and fitness accessories? This is not a single problem for the HIIT training exercises. You don’t need any accessories for many of the exercises. Below is one of our popular Hiit training for home.

20 minutes HIIT Home Workout

This Hiit training can easily be performed from home, only takes 20 minutes and for the exercises You don’t need fitness accessories. In short, no more excuses that you can use to postpone it! The HIIT training starts with a dynamic warm-up of 5 minutes and then intensive exercises (40 seconds) are interspersed with periods of rest (20 seconds).

Are you ready? Good luck!

1: the warm up

  • 5 minutes: warm-up

for A good warm-up you can think of exercises as a string jump or a small round jogging.

2: Lower-body

3 repetitions of:

    < Li>

    40 sec: Squats

  • 20 sec: rest

3 : PUSH Exercises

3 repetitions of:

  • 40 sec: push-ups

  • 20 sec: Rest

4: dynamic exercises

3 repetitions of:

  • 40 sec: star jacks < /p>

  • 20 sec: rest

5: pull exercises

3 repetitions of:

  • 40 sec: inverted row

  • 20 sec-15: 00: rest

6: Core Exercises

3 repetitions of:

  • 40 sec: shelf

  • 20 sec : Rest

Finally with a number of stretch exercises to prevent injuries and just relax after this intensive workout!

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