Tips to improve your endurance

Nancy Heijnis
11 April 2022
Reading time: 8 minutes

Your stamina, what exactly is this? Many people think that stamina and fitness are the same, but there is an important difference between the two. Simply put, your stamina is part of your fitness. In addition to endurance, your condition also consists of four other functions. These are strength, agility, speed and coordination. These five parts are collectively known by the abbreviation CLUKS. Together, these five determine the state of your fitness.

Your stamina is therefore one of the components and specifically relates to how long you can sustain a certain exercise or performance at maximum level. For example, high endurance not only takes you further in sports, but also in your daily activities, high endurance has various advantages. No more panting when you take the stairs, you can easily sprint to catch the last train and you can also score some extra points with your partner under the sheets with high stamina.

But, how can you improve your stamina? We give you a number of tips with which you can improve your stamina!

1. Start running

As you may have guessed, running is the ideal sport to improve your endurance. This is best done by varying the type of training. For example, one time go for an endurance run and the other time for an interval training.

endurance run

In an endurance run you run at a slower pace. As a result, you should still be able to have a conversation while walking, for example. Because your pace is less high, you can keep it up longer and you can go for a longer distance. In the most ideal situation, you run an endurance run at least once a week and make the round 1 or 2 kilometers longer every week.

Interval training

In contrast to an endurance run, with an interval training you do short sprints. For example, start by walking 400 meters at a high pace and then alternate with 30 seconds of rest. Do this 8 - 12 times, especially see what is feasible for you. Build this up slowly and go for more and more reps or a faster pace.

walking fast

Is running not for you? Or do you like to alternate this with (fast) walking? This is also good for improving your stamina! Moreover, walking is a wonderful activity to do with someone. Running can be done both in nature and in the gym on the treadmill. You can continue to challenge yourself by always going for a larger lap, walking faster or by choosing a hilly environment, for example. This is also possible on the treadmill by simply adjusting the incline!

2. Plan enough rest between training days

As with other workouts, getting enough rest is also an important part of training your endurance. Therefore, plan enough rest between your training days. By doing this, you’ll make sure you can pop again the next workout! See the rest days as something useful and use these days to your advantage to ensure optimal results!

3. Focus on your attitude

The posture you adopt during the exercises and training sessions is also very important if you want to improve your endurance. Focus on the form of the exercise and the correct posture. Sufficient focus on these parts will help you get through the reps. The right technique will motivate you to complete the reps. This not only applies to exercises in the gym, but also when running, it helps you to complete the endurance run.

4. Add jumping exercises to your workout

Not a fan of running and prefer to train in the gym? Then try adding jumping exercises to your training schedule. You need a lot of energy for exercises such as jumping rope, jumping on a box or cupboard or jumping jacks. These are good exercises that help you improve your stamina. Start slowly the first time you jump rope and then build it up. You can build it up in different ways. For example by spinning faster, by jumping longer rope or by jumping higher. Vary this and keep challenging yourself for the best result!

5. Go for a HIIT workout

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. A training in which short periods of super intense exercises and periods of less intensive exercises and rest alternate. A HIIT training is the perfect workout if you want to improve your endurance. Your fat burning is also optimally stimulated during these training sessions and another big advantage is that you can easily perform these training sessions at home. In short, only pluses!

6. Get enough energy

To demand the maximum from your body, it is of course very important to maintain your energy level. This is also the reason that you see many endurance athletes, such as runners and cyclists, use supplements during competitions and training. For example, you can opt for a tasty energy drink, energy bar or a workout gel that you can easily take during exercise to ensure that your energy level is maintained.

7. Take your time

Finally, our last tip: take your time and be patient. You can’t improve your stamina within one week and you certainly shouldn’t want to. So be patient and listen to your body. In addition to the ultimate goal you are working towards, make sure that you also set smaller goals in the meantime. That way you stay motivated! Start here, end stronger.

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