The importance of rest after exercise

Nancy Heijnis
1 January 1970
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It is again the first month of the year and that means that everyone will get started in sports again. The kilos of the cozy December month must be back and everyone is full of good motivation to start the year healthy. All to the Good intentions to keep this year full < /a>. There are fanatics that really give everything and prefer to exercise every day. Super good natural, but to take a step back at the right time and resting between exercise, is just as important for achieving optimum results. In this blog we tell you more about this and we explain why after exercising is so important!

Why rest after exercise?

Even though you are during a heavy one Training is still doing so well, you break your body (temporarily) during a training. For example, small cracks arise in your muscles, your body touches exhausted and drops your energy level. To recover from this again, your body needs peace. During this recovery period your muscles are tight again and your energy level will be up to date. Often the body’s level even goes up slightly, to prepare thus for any subsequent training. Here you can benefit from starting training at the right time. Your body then slowly goes forward and so you will eventually become faster, stronger and better. So peace is important for progress and not taking rest, the muscles can sometimes even negatively influence or lead to injuries.

How long you have to rest after strength training?

How long you have to Resting after strength training depends on various aspects. For example, there are influences that you do not have to control, such as your age and genes, but also aspects that you may affect.

Sleep, stress and proteins

Your recovery capacity Depends on your sleep, among other things. Therefore ensure a good night’s sleep. This is always important for your health and all when you fill your week with heavy training. In addition, stress can also have a negative impact on your recovery. Therefore, try to avoid this as much as possible. Finally, your protein intake also affects. Proteins are an important building material for the body and support muscle muscle building and recovery. Therefore, use extra proteins in the form of sports supplements to increase your proteinintake. For example, the recovery period is shortened and you can get back to work faster!

Training level

Furthermore, the recovery period depends on your training level. For example, are you just started with heavy training or do you already do this for a longer period? For example, a beginner can need up to 72 hours to fully recover and it is no problem for advanced people to get fanatic to work every day. By exercising slowly, the time you need after a training can reduce to restore. Therefore, listen to your body to determine how much time you need. Was the workout easy to get rid of and do you have no muscle pain? Then 24 hours of rest may be sufficient for you. Do you suffer from muscle pain and had some trouble with the exercises, wait a longer time before you are in charge of this muscle group.

What can you do in a rest period?

you have A rest period and would you rather not sit still? A slight endurance training can always be done. For example, choose to take a walk, cycle or swim calmly. Hereby your muscles are not overloaded and this can even help against muscle pain. The emphasis is on ‘calm’. Therefore do not immediately go a journey of 60 km of bicycles or walk throughout the day if you don’t normally do this. You can also alternate your muscle groups on the basis of Split schedules. For example, you can train more often per week without burdening the same muscle groups in a short time. However, make sure that this can bring a different disadvantage to beginners. You are in charge of a large amount of one muscle group, so that the chance of injuries is increasing again. Take a real rest a period, is therefore not a wrong idea (especially at increased chance of injuries)!

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