Breakfast cake with blueberries

Nancy Heijnis
27 August 2020
14 people
52 minutes

This cake is super easy to make, without additives of sugars or fat. The whey not only ensures a nice ratio in the macros, but also a delicious aroma. If you like vanilla aroma, add some vanilla extract or choose whey powder with vanilla taste. Delicious fresh from the oven, but also cold a delicacy! Ideal for breakfast or snack.


200 gram spelled flower
3 eggs
150 ml (almond) milk
150 grams of frozen blueberry
30 grams whey protein vanilla powder
10 gr baking powder
PEM Cooking Spray


  • Mix all ingredients, with the blueberries, to a smooth mass.
  • Cover a baking tin of your choice with baking paper or spray the mold with Pem Cooking             Spray, and divide 100 grams of blueberries over the bottom.
  • Pour the dough mixture over it, and finish with the rest of the blueberries.
  • Place the shape for 40 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° (hot air oven).

    kcal and macros

    1,150 kcal = 82 kcal per slice
    c156 = 55%
    f24 = 20%
    p71 = 25%

    House of Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein
    100% Whey ProteinHouse of Nutrition
    6 smaken
    Performance Sports Nutrition - Pure Whey
    Pure WheyPerformance Sports Nutrition
    7 smaken

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