Visualize yourself towards success

Nancy Heijnis
3 September 2020
Reading time: 5 minutes

How to improve your sports performance lift a higher level? By visualizing your goals! Read below how to can do this best. Let’s take a strength training session as an example.

Search a quiet place to sit prior to your workout. Visualize the training. So from drinking your Pre Workout or Creatine to putting on your shoes, warming it up, adding weight to the bar, etc ... Play the whole session in your head, feel the bar on your back and you feet are firmly on the ground. Imagine every lift with perfect precision is performed until you reach the goal. Visualize your goal achieved and feel the satisfaction and pride . It is crucial to add a strong, positive emotion to your visualization add. Of course it makes visualizing consuming a good one dose of proteins or amino acids after the training, the picture is complete!

1. Approach the bar with absolute trust. Let them know who’s boss. Feel your feet firmly on the ground planted - sturdy as a tree with deep roots. This will help with your lift by tightening more muscle fibers and creating a strong neural drive.

2. Suggest a successful lift with a bar on your back or in your hands. Concentrate on every rep and feel contract muscle fibers.

3. Finally, repeat up the elevator thoughts. Use this post-lift phase to correct or set a problem you even add more weight. If you have identified a problem, imagine another successful elevator in which you can solve this problem.

Breaking boundaries
You exceed never the limits you’ve set for yourself. If you say to yourself that 100 kg is the max you can handle during a deadlift, or never more than one lost a few pounds, that will remain the case. At the time that you accept the limit, you build a wall that “guards” this limit. You doesn’t get any further.

It’s all about the mindset
If you weigh 120kg If you want to deadlift, visualize that 130 kg can be done. If you aim for 18% body fat, visualize that you have 16% body fat. As long as you are in you unconscious self with absolute certainty believes that you have already achieved these goals you will actually achieve them. It’s all about the mindset!

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