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Marco Verhoek
13 December 2021
Reading time: 5 minutes

Do you boost sports performance: The power of visualization in strength training

Do you want to take your sports performance to a higher level? Then visualization is a powerful instrument that can help you achieve your goals. In this article we will elaborate on how you can apply visualization, with a focus on a strength training session. Learn how to play every aspect of your training in your mind K unt and discover why the breaking of self -imposed limits is essential for progress.

The power of visualization in strength training

Preparation for Visualisat ie:

Before you start your sports session, look for a quiet place to sit. Take the time to imagine how your strength training session will go, from drinking your pre workout or creatine to putting on your shoes, warming up, adding weight to the bar, and so on. Feel the materials in your hands, the bar on your back, and your feet firmly on the floor. Visualize every lift with perfect precision, from start to finish. Add strong, positive emotions to your visualization, and complete the picture by imagining how you enjoy a good dose of proteins or amino acids after the training.

steps to achieve your goals through Visualization:

1. self -confidence at the bar:

Approach the bar with absolute confidence. Show that you are the boss. Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground, similar to a tree with deep roots. This strong basis helps to tighten more muscle fibers and create a powerful neural drive.

2. Lift with success:

Visualize a successful lift with the beam on your back or in your hands. Focus on every repetition and feel how your muscle fibers contract. Imagine that every movement is perfectly executed and bring it to life mentally.

3. Repeat and improve:

Repeat the lift in mind and use this post-lift phase to correct any problems. Imagine that you can easily control the weight and even consider adding more weight. If you have identified a specific problem, visualize a successful repetition in which you solve this problem.

break through boundaries:

You can never exceed the limits that you have imposed yourself . If you believe that 100 kg is the maximum deadlift that you can handle, it will remain your ceiling. Accepting limits builds a wall that your progress merges.

it’s all about the mindset:

If you want to dead lifts, visualize that you can handle 130 kg. Do you strive for 18% body fat? Then visualize that you are already at 16%. It’s all about the mindset. Believe unwavering in your subconscious that you have already reached this len, and you will actually reach them. It all starts in your mind.

Visualization is not a magic, but it is a powerful tool to improve your sports performance. By experiencing every detail of your training session in your mind and breaking through self -imposed limits, you can strengthen your mindset and actually achieve the performance you strive for. It is time to surpass yourself and embrace the power of visualization on your way to success in strength training.

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