Apple sauce brownies

Nancy Heijnis
26 August 2020
24 people
15 minutes


  125 grams spelled flower
  300 grams unsweetened apple sauce
  50 grams Peanut butter
  4 eggs
  100 grams pure chocolate (preferably 70%) 
  25 grams cocoa powder
  30 grams Pure Whey Powder Taste Vanilla (Performance Sports Nutrition) 
  10 grams baking powder-pinch of salt-optional: chopped almonds


  1. separate the yolks of the protein and beat the egg whites.
  2. melt the chocolate au bain marie (or with a small dash of (vegetable) Milk in the microwave.
  3. mix all ingredients up to a smooth mass and splashed the whipped protein as the last.
  4. optional: add chopped almonds for a crunchy bite.
  5. dump The dough out in a large dish and place in a preheated oven at 180 ° (condense oven) for 25 minutes.

Allow to cool and cut into cubes. Enjoy!

kcal and macros:

  • 1.940kcal = 81 kcal per brownie
  • C155 = 32%
  • f100 = 48%
  • p92 = 19%
Performance Sports Nutrition - Pure Whey
Pure WheyPerformance Sports Nutrition
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