Healthy Chocolate Chip Cupcakes & Pancakes

Nancy Heijnis
8 September 2020
12 people
30 minutes


150 grams of oatmeal
200 grams of Greek yogurt (zero fat)
200 grams of banana
30 grams of Pure Whey (vanilla) Performance Sports Nutrition
50 grams of chocolate drops
2 eggs
1 egg only protein
8 grams of baking powder


    < li> Mix the oatmeal, Greek yogurt, banana, whey protein, Place the eggs and baking powder in a bowl until smooth
  1. Fold in the chocolate drops Finally, carefully through it.
  2. Fill 12 cupcake cases three-quarters with the mixture.
  3. the oven at 180 ° for 15-20 minutes (convection oven).

With the rest of the dough you can bake five small pancakes that you can eat while the are baking cupcakes. Ideal, right?

Kcal and macros:

Total: 1,460 kcal
C185 = 52%
F39 = 25%
P81 = 23%

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