Our favorites: The best sports nutrition for muscle building

Nancy Heijnis
10 March 2022
Reading time: 10 minutes

Are you busy building muscle mass? Then of course you know if no other healthy food is essential for a muscular body. In addition, you need to eat enough food. By that we mean that you have to eat something about your calorie need to build muscles. So you eat more than you burn every day. In addition to healthy food, fitness supplements can support you to achieve your goal. In this blog we share our favorites when it comes to muscle building sports nutrition!

M Double You - Whey Protein

Anyone who has only deepened a bit in muscle building and nutrition, knows That proteins should not be missing in the diet. In the meantime, there are also incredibly many protein shakes on the market. It is therefore pretty difficult to fish the best. Our favorite is the Whey Protein Shake from M Double You . This brand has more than 35 years of experience and is therefore far developed in the field of quality, taste and especially knowledge! The Whey protein of MDY is carbohydrate arm and consists of three different fast proteins: Whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolazer. Due to the filtering process, each type has its own recording time for long-term release of amino acids. Moreover, the 100% Whey Protein of MDY Aspartame is free. In short, if you are looking for an honest pure product, then the Whey of MDY is an excellent choice!

Creatine from MDY

Our favorite creatine also comes from the range of M Double You. The creatine powder with CREPURE® consists entirely of creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is the most pure form of creatine and solves in your water or sports drink. Creatine is often seen as Musthave in addition to proteins! That’s because creatine is good for explosive exercises and you can therefore push yourself a little further. We recommend sending M Double You creatine 6 to 8 weeks consecutive. Then you could restart the process by welding a pause of 6 weeks.

Liquid Amino from MDY

Liquid amino acid is a combination of hydrolyzed whey protein and amino acids. Due to the daily intake of these proteins, you support the recovery of the muscles after intensive training. It is easy to take and it is absorbed very quickly through the body because the amino acids are already digested. Thanks to a quick recovery of your muscles, a new fat-free muscle mass can occur. The liquid barely contains fats and carbohydrates and therefore it is super suitable during a diet with the target train. The Liquid amino acids of M Double You have a delicious cherry flavor! It should certainly not be missing from our ‘Best Muscle Building products’ list.

SCITEC Nutrition - BCAA Complex

  BCAA Complex of SCITEC Nutrition is sports nutrition that should not be missing from your cupboard. BCAA complex contain the branched chain amino acids that play an important role in activating muscle growth and protection against degradation. The products of Scitec Nutrition are aimed at fanatic and professional athletes who want to achieve their goals. The correct nutrients are required to achieve the desired progression. That is why this brand works with strong nutrients with high biological value and accommodation.


What is becoming increasingly popular in the world of fitness and health are Vegan products . A vegan diet is not only better for animal and the environment, but also offers different health benefits. More and more studies show that the risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer and type 2 diabetes decreases by eating more vegan. As a athlete, are you afraid that you get too little protein?  Scitec Nutrition 100% Vegan Protein are a good addition to your daily diet! With a shake you get no less than 20 grams of proteins.

First Class Nutrition - 100% Whey sensation
100% Whey sensationFirst Class Nutrition
5 smaken
Performance Sports Nutrition - Pure Whey
Pure WheyPerformance Sports Nutrition
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