Frozen yogurt with whey

Nancy Heijnis
31 January 2022
1 people
3 minutes

A delicious protein-rich snack!

Today, February 6, the National Frozen Yogurt Day is. Frozen yogurt is a delicious snack which can also be healthy with the right preparation! Curious about our recipe? Our frozen yogurt with whey is created and easy to combine with different types of fruit and flavors Whey Protein. In short, the ideal snack for athletes!


150 ml Skinny yogurt
30 gr Fresh berries, strawberries or other fruit of your choice
1 tbsp /measuring spoon Whey Protein (taste of your choice)



Clean the fresh fruit (the berries, strawberries or other fruit of your choice) and add this to the yogurt. With the right blender you can also use frozen fruit here. Then choose your favorite taste Whey Protein. For this recipe we recommend the tastes of Strawberry and Vanilla. Add this slowly to the yogurt and stir regularly. To ensure that the protein powder does not climb, you can first mix it with a small amount of water and then add to the yogurt.

The yogurt with protein powder and fruit then pour into it A plastic cup or silicone ice form. Stop a wooden stick in it and place the yogurt in the freezer. After about 4 hours waiting, the frozen yogurt with whey is ready. A healthy cold snack that allows you to cool after a heavy workout!

Performance Sports Nutrition - Pure Whey
Pure WheyPerformance Sports Nutrition
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