Strawberry & Raspberry Clear Whey Pudding

Nancy Heijnis
1 February 2023
6 people
10 minutes

Do you have a sweet appetite and do you want to satisfy it with something tasty that fits well within your macros? Then we have the golden idea for you: a delicious protein pudding made from Clear Whey! Every protein pudding from this recipe is good for 60 calories and 6.5 grams of proteins! Does this sound like music to you? Then read further because then we will tell you what you need and how you will prepare it.



  1. Put the strawberries in a bowl with the Clear Whey
  2. Mix with a hand blender until one Smooth mass is created
  3. Grab a pan and add the coconut milk together with the gelatin. Wait a few minutes for the gelatin to melt
  4. Reduce the heat and mix until the gelatin is completely resolved
  5. Subsequently You can add the protein powder with the strawberry pulp to the pan. Stir well!
  6. Pour the mixture into the cupcake shapes.
  7. Let the pudding set in the fridge for 4 hours

First Class Nutrition - Clear Whey
Clear WheyFirst Class Nutrition
2 smaken
21,90 15,90

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