Start cycling

Yolanda van der Hout
29 September 2022
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Start cycling

Have you become enthusiastic this summer due to the cycling races such as the Tour de France? Or do you always want to try cycling? We are happy to help you on your way! Because where should you start? What is the right schedule when you just start cycling? And what things do you need? You can read all our tips about starting cycling in this blog!

The basic skills of cycling

An expensive racing bike with all the trimmings can seem very important when you just like cycling begins. Yet it is even more important that you know how to use this bike at all. Only in this way do you go on the road with a safe and familiar feeling and you can take the traffic around you sufficiently into account!

  • Therefore, practice sufficiently in advance with the clicking and out of the pedals. If you don’t do this, chances are that you end up flat on the asphalt when you suddenly come across a red traffic light or have to stop for other traffic.

  • In addition, adjusting the bike is important for your own comfort while cycling. Therefore, check the tire pressure and the saddle height before you go up the road.

  • Make as few unexpected movements as possible. With the racing bike you go a lot faster than you might be used to and the other traffic needs time to respond to you. Avoid unexpected movements and bike predictable.

  • Get familiar with the bike. This way you automatically know what the best moment is to shift gears, how to steer well and how to brake in a dosed manner!

A racing bike to start with

Is that one expensive racing bike really necessary when you just start cycling? No; If you ask us you don’t have to put all your savings in your first bike immediately. Certainly when you just start cycling and you first want to find out if this sport suits you, it is a shame to immediately buy a brand new bike with the last gadgets. On the other hand, first go for a second -hand bike or borrow a bike from someone. Discover if cycling suits you and then delve into the right racing bike. After a few journeys you also know better what you are for cyclists and what you should pay attention to when you purchase!

Cycling clothing and accessories

With regard to cycling clothing it is, especially when you Quickly suffer from saddle pain, advisable to immediately start with cycling pants with chamois. Saddle pain can spoil cycling, especially at the start of your cycling career. Furthermore, you need more and more clothing towards autumn and winter. Think of a rain jacket, long cycling pants and maybe even bicycle gloves. This makes summer the ideal time to start and discover if this sport is for you without having to buy a new wardrobe immediately.

However, there are a number of things that you do need at the beginning. In addition to cycling clothing, you also need a bicycle helmet, cycling gloves and cycling glasses. Fortunately, these are also available in different price ranges.

Sports nutrition for cyclists

Finally, the importance of nutrition in cycling should not be forgotten.The more kilometers you are on your bike, the more you need the right sports nutrition. You want to avoid that infamous hunger knock. Therefore, read in our blog more about Sport nutrition for cyclists. Our favorites are, for example, the vitargo electrolyte which provides extra energy and is also 100% sugar-free and the Performance Sports Nutrition Oat Bar which you can easily take with you on the road. A Sport drink can also ensure that you still have enough energy to get those last kilometers!

Everything prepared? Then it is time to actually start cycling. Good luck and above all have fun!

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CAL/MAGPerformance Sports Nutrition

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