The ideal holiday workouts!

Nancy Heijnis
8 June 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Are you leaving early this summer? We give you three ideal workouts with which you can easily keep training on holiday full! A week of rest can of course not hurt. But especially when you travel for a longer period of time, it is important to maintain your fitness and strength. Are you curious how? We help you with this!

When it comes to sports on vacation, there are always a few who love it and a few who have nothing to do with it. Of course there is something to say for both. However, exercising on vacation can provide extra relaxation. When you start with an intensive workout in the morning, take the time to completely empty your head and you can then start your day with a good and satisfied feeling. This way you can enjoy extra relaxed!

Exercising in the morning

If you ask us, the morning is the best time to go during your vacation sports. You may have to put your alarm clock a little earlier, but then you have nothing to take into account for the rest of the day. So after exercising you can enjoy that delicious cocktail on the beach or that tasty beer at the pool. In addition, it is often a bit cooler in the morning. Especially when you visit a warm destination, it is therefore very nice to work out in the morning!

Workouts for on holiday

to help you train on vacation We have listed three short but intensive workouts for you. You can easily perform this in different places. For example, you do not need fitness attributes for these training sessions, at most a towel and of course some water!

#1 workout

With this first workout you go for five rounds of the following exercises. Perform this as soon as possible.

  • 10 x bench/chair dips (more challenge? Go for 10 x push ups)
  • 20 x Mountain Climbers
  • 30 x Jumping Jacks (prefer some variation? Go jump for 30 x string) <!—/su Span—>

#2 Workout

You can do the exercises below in descending number, from ten to one. First you do all three exercises so ten times. All three done? Then you continue by doing all three exercises nine times. Continue like this until you have completed all the exercises once.

  • down-ups (more challenge? Go for burpees) <!—/ne Span—>
  • Air Squats
  •   sit-up (advanced? Go for V-ups)

#3 Workout

This workout takes 15 minutes. Set your timer and then do as much of the exercises below.

  • 20 x Walking Lunges (to make it more difficult this is also possible with a object) 
  • 15 x (knee) push-ups
  • 30 seconds board (also try an alternative such as the Hollowow Body Hold) 

You can ideally combine these workouts with a round of (hard) walking, cycling or delicious in the swimming pool ! Are you looking for workouts that take a little more time? Then take a look at our 5 holiday workouts from +/- 20 minutes. These two workouts can be alternated ideal or of course. 

Good luck and of course a nice holiday!

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