5 Workouts to stay fit during your vacation

Nancy Heijnis
14 July 2021
Reading time: 12 minutes

Which or not on trains in the holidays? Everyone will undoubtedly wonder. Outside it is bloody and we often get how you can stay fit during the holidays. Do not panic! You will succeed to stay in shape, and House of Nutrition will help you. We understand you very well: the holiday is to rest, but no one is happy with extra holiday silos. Time for a good dose of inspiration. Choose one or more training sessions below and avoid sitting after the holiday with that edge belly fat.

Short and sturdy workouts

The first tip we like to with you Share is: shortening your workouts. Shorter and firmer workouts with a higher intensity. Give everything you have in around 20 or 30 minutes and provide sufficient variety between cardio and strength. Instead of always doing the same workouts, we challenge you to vary during the holidays. Alternate between: swimming, bootcamps, running, cycling, playing football or ram everything out during a crossfit training. After you have made the choice of workout, think about your planning. It is useful to plan your workouts in the morning or s’ evening. Round that time it is generally cooler so that you suffer from the heat less.

fat burning workouts in just 20 minutes!

For inspiration you will find five different ones below Workout videos that you keep fit during your vacation. The biggest advantage of these workouts is that you can perform them without weights. Purely only your body weight is actually sufficient. If you are an advanced athlete, or are naturally reasonable, verhared by weight. You can wear a weight vest to increase your body weight or get started with elastics.

Furthermore it is important to think about the training location. Challenge yourself and choose something different than the gym. For example, go to the beach or to the forest and get started there. It will surprise you how to increase the training intensity. Consider one of the workouts below:

1: Full body workout

at this workout get your training of none other than Pamela Reif. In just 20 minutes you can enjoy yourself with: Squat Jumbs, Jumping Jacks, shelf jackets and many other exercises. It doesn’t matter where you perform them, if you do it! You do not need weights for this training.

2: Ultimate Full Boldy - Dumbbell Workout

If anyone knows with the Fitboys & FitGirls, among other things, it is Andy Spear. Are you strong enough to grab the same weight if it shows in This video ? With this you already get our credits! Are you still not possible? Try one of our creatines or pre-workouts for an extra incentive!

3: kettlebell boot camp workout

This training is ideally suited for on the beach. Use is made of Kaettelbelt, but if you do not have it at your disposal, you can also easily get out of the feet with a weighted backpack. The training exercises vary between: Lower & Upperbody.

4: Brutal Hitt Ladder Workout

Also with This workout didn’t need any weights. What is very important with this variant: technique, speed, coordination & rest breaks. Enter the challenge and give those muscles the dose of acidification they deserve. Start Here, end strierger!

5: Heavy bag Workout

Are you not such a fitness freak, but do you want to lose your energy? Then This training extremely suitable for you. Give everything on these boxing bags and one thing is certain. You get more self-confidence and also a lot of muscle pain! To restore your muscles, our proteins are the best medicine! Go, Rocky, Go!

Do you still have additions?

There are of course Many more exercises or tricks to stay fit. Sharing is caring, so share your experiences with the other readers. Do you have any other additions to this article? Let it know our knowledge via Facebook!

Do you want to quickly restore muscle pain during your vacation? Take advantage of Our offers!

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