• Powerful supplement for strength athletes (male): Test-X9 with Tribulus Terrestris*.
  • Maintains muscle definition with Tribulus Terrestris*.
  • Reduces fatigue with magnesium.
  • Avena sativa* soothes and promotes sleep.
  • Bioperine (black pepper)* for better nutrient absorption and fat burning.
  • Panax quinquefolius (Ginseng)* improves performance and blood circulation.
  • Vitamin C supports immune system, collagen and energy.
  • Test-X9 brings and keeps your muscles in top shape.
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    Test-X9 with Tribulus Terrestris*

    Discover the power of Test-X9 with Tribulus Terrestris - the ultimate supplement for strength athletes! Whether you want to maintain your muscle definition, reduce fatigue or regulate your hormonal activity, Test-X9 is the ideal choice.

    With its unique composition of high-quality ingredients, Test-X9 offers countless benefits. Tribulus Terrestris, a key ingredient, is known for its ability to maintain muscle definition, giving you that lean, muscular look you've always dreamed of.

    Train longer and more intensively

    But that is not everything. Test-X9 also contains magnesium, which has been specially added to reduce fatigue. This allows you to train longer and more intensively without sacrificing performance. And thanks to the addition of vitamin B6, normal energy-yielding metabolism is stimulated, while hormonal activity is regulated for optimal results.

    Tackle your body fat effectively

    But it doesn't stop there. Test-X9 contains even more powerful ingredients to take your performance to the next level. Avena sativa helps with inner restlessness and promotes a good night's sleep, so that you can start your training sessions rested. Bioperine, derived from black pepper, improves nutrient absorption, acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Moreover, it acts as a natural fat burner, effectively tackling your body fat.

    Boost your mental and physical performance

    And let's not forget Panax quinquefolius (Ginseng)*. This powerful ingredient can contribute to both mental and physical performance, reduce stress and improve blood circulation. In addition, Test-X9 is enriched with vitamin C, which provides numerous benefits, including supporting the immune system, promoting collagen production and maintaining healthy blood vessels.

    Test-X9 is your ultimate ally for achieving and maintaining top form. Whether you're a serious strength athlete aiming for muscle definition or someone who simply wants to take your performance to the next level, this supplement has everything you need. Make Test-X9 your secret weapon and experience the unparalleled benefits of this top quality supplement. Achieve your goals, exceeding your own expectations - Test-X9 is ready to help you.

    *Health claim evaluation is ON HOLD at the time of writing at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA to be further investigated.

    Nutritional value
    Per 4 capsulesMineralsVitaminenAmino acidsSpecial ingredients
    Magnesium300 mg80%
    Zink20 mg200%
    vitamine-b64 mg286%
    vitamine-c120 mg150%
    N-acetyl-cysteïne266,70 mg
    L-Carnitine666,70 mg
    Avena sativa333,20 mg
    Bioperine® (Black pepper)2,5 mg
    Panax quinquefolius66,40 mg
    Tribulus terrestris666,70 mg

    Tribulus terrestris, acetyl-L-carnitine, gelatin (capsule), Avena sativa (oats), magnesium (magnesium oxide), N-acetylcysteine, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Panax quinquefolius (American ginseng), zinc (zinc aspartate), Bioperine ( of Piper nigrum, black pepper), Magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), silicon dioxide (filler), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl), E172 (colorants).


    Take 2 capsules 2 times a day. Maximum 4 capsules per day. To be taken with 150ml of water or fruit juice.

    Do not exceed the prescribed dose.

    Allergen Info

    Not known. Produced in a factory that processes milk protein, soy, eggs, gluten, peanuts and tree nuts

    Storage advice

    Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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