Test-X9 is a top supplement that helps to bring and keep your muscles in top shape. Test-X9 is a powerful supplement with many benefits for overall male health.
  • Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.
  • Contributes to a reduction in fatigue
  • Helps to keep blood pressure low.
  • Helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Supports the functioning of the immune system
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Test-X9 with Tribulus Terrestris
Test-X9 is a highly effective supplement recommended for strength athletes. This product contains Tribulus Terrestris which helps maintain muscle definition. Test-X9 contributes to a reduction in fatigue due to the added magnesium . Test-X9 is enriched with vitamin B6 which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the regulation of hormonal activity. Zinc added which contributes to the maintenance of normal fertility and protein synthesis.

Furthermore, Test-X9

Avena sativa - For inner turmoil, irritable feelings and a nervous feeling, stimulation of a good night's sleep.
Bioperine (Black Pepper) - Improves nutrient absorption, is a powerful antioxidant, helps control blood pressure and is a natural thermogenic fat burner.
Panax quinquefolius ( Ginseng) - May contribute to mental and physical performance, reduce the effects of stress and improve blood circulation.
Vitamin C - supports immune system function, promotes collagen production, blood vessel maintenance, positive effect on energy metabolism, reduction of tiredness and general fatigue, etc.

Test-X9 is a top supplement that helps to bring and keep your muscles in top shape.
Nutritional value
Nutritionele waarde per 4 capsulesMineralsVitaminenAmino acidsSpecial ingredients
Magnesium3 mg
Zink20 mg
vitamine-b64 mg
vitamine-c120 mg
N-acetyl-cysteïne266,70 mg
L-Carnitine666,70 mg
Avena sativa333,20 mg
Bioperine20 mg
Panax quinquefolius66,40 mg
Tribulus terrestris666,70 mg
Tribulus terrestris, acetyl-L-carnitine, gelatin (capsule), Avena sativa (oats), magnesium (magnesium oxide), N-acetylcysteine, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Panax quinquefolius (American ginseng), zinc (zinc aspartate), Bioperine ( from Piper nigrum, black pepper), Magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), silicon dioxide (filler), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl), E172 and E171 (dyes).

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