The ultimate package for bulking. Bulking is a period in which you build muscle mass. How do you do that? By eating more calories than you expend in a day. These extra calories fuel the muscles to build more mass and strength. In this package you have everything you need to do this in a responsible and fairly easy way.

  • Extra calories to support muscle growth
  • Healthy and responsible Clean Bulking
  • Optimal nutrition for strength training
  • Arrive with the lowest possible fat percentage
  • With 2 different types of Gainers
  • Powerful multi vitamin to increase resistance
Full Option Gainer
XXL Gainer
Multi Max
60 capsules
60 capsules
GABA 1000
90 capsules
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XXL Gainer - M Double You

With the XXL Gainer from M Double You you will achieve your goal! XXL Gainer adds extra calories to your diet, so you can gain weight quickly. The XXL Gainer contains a mix of simple and complex carbohydrates in combination with 2 different types of protein!

  • Gain weight quickly and easily with a high-quality mix of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Supports muscle recovery and building
  • Supply of extra energy
  • An added mix of whey protein concentrate and milk protein (casein)
  • Aspartame free

Full Option Gainer - M Double You

The Full Option Gainer is the most complete gainer that M Double You has in the range! This Full Option gainer is known for its unique composition of 5 different types of protein!

  • Ideal for people who have difficulty gaining weight!
  • The Full Option gainer contains 5 different sources of protein!
  • Stimulates fast muscle recovery
  • Available in 4 flavors
  • For more /stronger muscles /muscle building /muscle strength

Tribulus - M Double You

Tribulus Terrestris is an annual plant of the Zygophyllaceae family that has been used for generations to support, vitalize and enhance sexual function and physical performance. Within Chinese medicine, the plant is used to stimulate the functioning of: Kidneys, Liver, Digestion, High blood pressure, Libido.

  • Popular among bodybuilders and strength athletes
  • improves skin inflammation
  • Diuretic effect

  • No less than 60 capsules with 400 mg of active substance per capsule
Multi Max - M Double You

The Multi Max capsules are a high-dose multivitamin preparation of which only 2 tablets are needed per day! The Multi Max capsule is ideal for people with a vitamin deficiency and athletes who push themselves to the limit, experience a lot of stress and regularly expose their body to high efforts.

  • Contain a very high dose of multivitamin per capsule
  • Contains the right ingredients for all athletes
  • 2 capsules per day is sufficient
  • Pack contains 60 capsules

Gaba 1000 - First Class Nutrition

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an -amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter in the human body.

  • Frequently used supplement by athletes.

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