Know what you're taking: Fatburners

Nancy Heijnis
4 September 2020
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Summer is almost here entry and of course you want to come out with your ideal body. For this fat burners are one of the most popular and best supplements. Being fat burners ideal for anyone involved in weight management and even more so want to lose fat. In this article we will tell you more about the operation and the pros and cons of fat burners. Ready for summer?


In fact, fat burners are just slimming products. One calls them burners, the other slimming tablets and again another calls them fat burners. Fatburners contain various substances for it ensure that you get more energy and your metabolism is increased. Any fatburner is different, but each fatburner has its own ingredients.

To learn to understand from which ingredients a fat burner can exist you will find below an overview with all ingredients that can be contained in a fat burner.

  • Lipotrope fabrics. Lipotropic substances are also called absorbent substances (Choline & Inositol, Biotin, Iodine, but also, for example, Chitosan). Hereby hoof not specifically training you to lose weight. This is, by the way, advisable. As soon as you start exercising, your combustion (metabolism) becomes faster and falls so you get off even faster.
  • Active ingredients. Active ingredients keep you from getting hungry and that your metabolism becomes more active. These include ingredients such as caffeine, tea extracts, hca and active acids (bitter melon extract, cocao bean extract etc.). All these ingredients ensure that you burn faster gets. You do not have to train specially with these types of fat burners. Some people experience a feeling of restlessness when they lack activity to undertake. Throwing everything away thanks to a good workout is then possible solution.
  • Fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids). Fatty acids cause the bad fats are broken down in the body (LCA, Omega 3, Alpha Lopic acid, etc.) All these polyunsaturated fatty acids make you healthier diet. You don’t have to be specific with these ingredients exercise to lose weight.
  • Amino acids + combinations. Amino acids such as L-Carnitine actually make you fats are transported through the cell nucleus (through the mithochondria), where they are converted (oxidized) to energy. Amino acid combinations such as L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Methionine, L-Glutamine and L-Lysine for extra stimulation and release of your own growth hormone production. On this way, a greater self-growth hormone production is released from important hormones such as testoterone. This provides extra combustion.
  • Herbs such as cayene peppers make you less hungry and you burn faster. The most famous herbs used for this are the Ma Huang herbs, which contain extracts of the Ephedra. Ephedra will take care of you are more active and alert, get more energy and it suppresses it feeling hungry. Ma Huang (Sea grape) has been banned by the Dutch since 2004 law and therefore illegal.
  • Stomach fillers are products you take with water and swell in your body. Thus arises so there is a feeling of fullness. Often fibers are used here that expand and leave your body naturally. You do this way of fat burning do not do extra sports exercises to lose weight.
  • One meal replacement is a protein powder that is composed of proteins. This supplement contains a lot of proteins, few fats and practically nil simple ones carbohydrates. Often these powders are provided with additional ingredients, such as herbs and amino acids. These additives ensure that your fat burning is accelerated and stimulated.

Beyond the above ingredients there are many solutions that are not yet in a specific group placed (think of Naragine, Bioperine, Hydroxycitic acid, Glucomannan)


A fat burner is a proven supplement that can speed up your metabolism, causing you also burn more fat. Because you get more energy you can also exercise harder!

As mentioned above, a fatburner certain substances that help you lose fat. Doing this it by speeding up the metabolism and giving you more energy. This has the advantage that you burn more calories and can exercise more fanatically through the extra energy. In addition, fat burners often contain substances that ensure that you feel less hungry throughout the day. These substances lower the stimuli that let you know that you need to eat or are hungry. This means you eat less (you so takes in fewer calories), making you lose weight easier.

Important: When you find the cause (the reason why you have gained or gained weight), you will not lose weight quickly. Fat burners are at all times aids in a diet.


Make sure that you are healthy eat and exercise more. These two factors are the basis of a healthy life and a fit body. Are you looking for a fat burner that will lose weight can speed up? Check out Stack 2 or Extreme Burner .

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