Fitness Lifestyle: Beachboy or Bodybuilder?

Nancy Heijnis
21 May 2021
Reading time: 10 minutes

“Fitness is a way of life”. Each Athlete does it in his own way and has his own goals. Like this There is a big difference between a Beachboy and Bodybuilder. Do you want that Perfect tight body in which your muscles are clearly visible? Or do you just want Hard pumping in the gym and thus becoming “the beast of the gym”? In this article we give you a number of differences between the two objectives.

1. A Beachboy has other objectives

The biggest difference between one Beachboy and a Bodybuilder is that a Beachboy simply has the goal stated in the summer period with a good feeling and tight body over it Beach to walk. The focus here is therefore mainly on getting one Tight body for a certain period. A bodybuilder focuses on the long Term and sees strength training as a lifestyle that fits his life. A day not trained for many bodybuilders can already have a lot of inner stress deliver. The urge to the gym is a lot bigger than with one Beachboy.

2. A bodybuilder understands the functioning of being Better Better

Of course there are exceptions. But on average, a bodybuilder already has much more time and energy Stung in understanding the functioning of his body. How do you build Strong muscles on? How do you get stronger? And, why is peace so important for your body?

By own experiences in this to gain and try various workouts you learn as an athlete how your body Works and what your body has for needs. You can do many online find workouts and tips, but the fact remains that your body is unique and that your body may need more food and/or other Workouts.

3. Bodybuilders do everything for the muscle mass

In bodybuilding, the goal justifies the Means where the goal is to build as much muscle mass as possible. In here Functionality is almost of secondary importance. There is also use made of weights and movements that hardly do prevent. The advantage of this is that the muscles get a larger incentive To grow. The focus is therefore entirely on the growth of the muscle mass. Bodybuilders hardly look at improving the specific Skills, where Beachboys want to master the exercises better. The highest possible hypertrophy in the muscles is continuously important for Bodybuilders and that is number 1.

Nutritional advice

For every objective are again Need other supplements. M Double You is happy to give you advice about this.

If you are really dedicated use You: 100% Whey Protein, Magnetude Explosive, Glutamine, Whey Amino and XXL Gainer. These supplements are real for muscle building and does not emphasize dry training.

if you want to become tight and good Want to see you use: Amino X-Plode, Blade FX, Extreme Burner, Whey Isolate and Micro Whey. These supplements are really there To get dry and create that ideal sixpack.

Bodybuilding is a different story

Strength training consists of very much Different parts and bodybuilding is only part of that. It is a completely different lifestyle, where other exercises, knowledge of your body And nutrition and a different mindset are needed. A bodybuilder sees being Workouts in the gym also as a habit, something normal in his to live. It is not the question whether it will train, but when. And, when the Summer is over in our little country, the Bodybuilder remains the gym Just visit, with the same regularity as normal.

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