Which 6 supplements can you use while cutting?

Nancy Heijnis
1 juni 2019
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The main goal during the "cut" period is to maintaining muscle mass and at the same time lowering the fat percentage. The "cutting" means to burn that last bit of (visceral belly) fat so that that well-deserved six-pack shows up. The muscle mass for which you are in worked really hard during the winter, finally gets the definition it deserves.

  1. Casein & Whey protein powder

Proteins play an important role in the recovery process and maintaining lean muscle mass during the cut period. There are various types of protein supplements, of which Whey protein is the best known. One less known protein type is casein.

The main difference between these protein types is the degree of recording. Whey is absorbed by the body more quickly than casein protein. As a result, the release of amino acids is slower with casein because this over one longer period.

Unlike whey, casein reaches the muscles a lot slower, but this "slow protein" has the great advantage that you last longer can benefit from it.

Often casein protein powders are used before sleeping so that enough protein is available to you during the rest period restore muscles

2. L-Carnitine

Just like the creatine supplement, L-Carnitine is also a body substance. L-Carnitine is an amino acid. About the usefulness of this supplement, opinions are very divided, but under the motto "every bit help "it is certainly worth a try to experiment with it.

Our body needs carnitine for fat burning. If you body produces little carnitine, according to the theory it would be more retain body fat. This mainly occurs in older people. Carnitine formed by the body itself from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It's coming also especially for red meat.

3. Caffeine

A cup of coffee in the morning is one day without worries. And that does not seem to lie. Caffeine has proven to have a mild stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Most people experience a more energetic feeling, better focus, and more alertness greater stamina. Something where we both at strength and at Cardio training reap the benefits.

Except the resting metabolism, caffeine stimulates the metabolism after a meal, in other words, the consumption for the processing of food. In addition, caffeine provides ensures that more energy is obtained from stored fat instead of from carbohydrates.

Caffeine is found in: coffee, soft drinks, chocolate milk and to a lesser extent also in tea. Due to the favorable effects on fat burning, caffeine is also the main ingredient of it fat burners and pre-workouts. It is advised not to exceed 4 to 5 daily cups of coffee per day. This is about 400 to 600 mg of caffeine per day.

Are you not really a coffee drinker, but do you want to improve your performance or your metabolism? Then consider one of our caffeine supplements or pre-workouts.

One serving of this supplement contains around 200 or 250 mg of caffeine. It is best to take one or two doses of one 30 minutes before your workout.

4. Fatburners

Losing belly fat is almost it hardest thing there is. Which are abdominal and compound exercises in a schedule the basics, but if the belly fat doesn't go away, fat burners might provide one solution. Below are a few reasons to use fat burners.

  • All day long stimulation of fat burning
  • The prevent too high a fat percentage
  • Good absorption of the right nutrients
  • Suppress of the hunger pangs
  • Contain high dose of L-Carnitine and HCA
  • Stimulate the sports performance
  • Help your reduce fat percentage


BCAAs is the abbreviation for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. They are three of the eight essential amino acids which the body cannot produce itself. BCAAs play an important role during the synthesis of proteins. They don't just give structure to the cells but are also very important for the transport and storage of nutrients. This reduces muscle breakdown and also has a positive effect on fat burning. BCAA capsules are suitable for both strength and endurance athletes and can be taken before, during and after any workout.

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