Sports in the heat

Nancy Heijnis
20 July 2022
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Do you want to keep challenging yourself this summer in the gym, outside or perhaps on vacation? In that case there is a good chance that you will train with higher temperatures than normal. So exercise in the heat. The one does not seem to be bothered by this and for the other the exercises in the heat seem twice as heavy. In this blog we therefore give you a number of tips to maintain and continue to perform sports in the heat.

How do you continue to perform despite the heat?

Of course you want to prevent overheating , but you want to do everything to perform well despite the heat. Yet your body can work out nicely at such a moment, especially when a rapid rise in temperature suddenly takes place. Your body simply needs time to get used to the temperatures and acclimatize. Do you want to go for it in the heat? Then read our tips!

#1 Choose the right time for your training

It can of course differ per day, but often it is the hottest moment between 12 and 5 in the afternoon of the day. Try not to work out in the afternoon on hot days. Put your alarm clock a little earlier so that you get started with a slightly cooler temperature in the morning or perform your workout or training in the evening.

#2 Keep drinking enough

A tip that you might already see coming: keep drinking enough. Certainly when you start exercising with warm weather, this is one of the most important advice that we can give you. Due to the high temperatures you sweat more and the moisture that you lose as a result must also be supplemented. Therefore, start with drinks well before your training and feel free to read extra drinking breaks during your workout.

#3 let your body get used to it

We just mentioned this briefly: your body has time Need to get used to the heat. Therefore, start your training and then build on. This gives your body the time it needs to get used to the heat.

#4 Go for airy clothing

To keep your body cool, go for airy Clothing, or clothing that ‘breathes’. A good substance for this is, for example, polyester. If you don’t do this, the heat and your sweat will be held and you naturally want to prevent this. In addition, also opt for light clothing. Light clothing reflects the warmth in your environment, so that you will be less bothered by this!

#5 cooling during training

In addition to choosing the right clothing, you can have your body Also cool in other ways during training. For example, wet your head, place a wet cloth in your neck, wear a cap or go for sponges which you can hold while running, for example. Cooling out from the inside is also a good option. To do this, during exercise you go for a wonderfully cooling Sports drink or a refreshing water ice cream.

#6 A good cooling down

Stop immediately after a heavy training in the sun? Better not. Make sure you first do a cooling down. If you don’t do this, chances are that your body will get a blow and your blood pressure will fall too quickly. Therefore always add a cooling down at the end of your training, especially with warm weather. Also make sure that you do not continue to walk in your sweaty set for too long, but put on dry clothing again after training!

#7 Forget the sunscreen does not forget

The rubbing is Sometimes forgot during exercise. Yet this is an excellent opportunity to burn. Therefore, think in advance to smear yourself in when you start exercising outside. With sports it is the nicest not to use greasy sunscreen, but one that moves well. Do this something for your training so that the cream has already been tasty before you start your training.

#8 Listen to yourself

Finally, perhaps our most important tip: listen well To your body. If the exercise gets too heavy for you and you might even get dizzy, stop or take the exercise a little easier. For the next time, try to drink a little more, eat, other clothing or other structure of your exercises. The heat takes some getting used to for your body! As long as you take that into account, it should work out. Good luck this summer!

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