What do you know about whey protein?

Nancy Heijnis
21 September 2022
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Whey protein

Whey protein is the most used protein supplement in the sports world. There are many reasons for this. It whey protein has the highest biological value of all available proteins. It is efficiently absorbed into the body. Whey protein is used with the muscle building. The protein plays a role in reduced protein breakdown and it affects the immune system and fat burning. The protein is popular with athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes who love want to improve their sporting performance. House of Nutrition has it all types of Whey protein in stock for you.

Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids

Whey (or whey in Dutch) is the liquid part of milk, which is a natural by-product of the production of cheese. The specific protein is dried, yielding a powder substance remains: the Whey protein. You can easily take this protein with mix different liquids (milk, juice, water) to make it healthy and healthy tasty protein shake. It whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids that are not produced naturally can be produced by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are also crucial for wound healing and fast tissue repair.

Whey protein: ideal for athletes and if you want to lose weight

The Whey protein gets through athletes used to build muscle mass and for muscle recovery after a workout training or competition. The natural protein is popular with athletes, as well in men and women who want to lose weight or are deficient in protein in their diet. The nutritional value of Whey protein, the ease of use and the many different tasty flavors make this dairy-based supplement sought after during weight loss. Athletes also take the Whey protein to be fat-free gain mass.

Different types Whey Protein

House of Nutrition different types of Whey protein: protein blends, Whey isolate and Whey hydrosilate. They differ in protein content, digestibility and price.

  • Protein blends: A mix of different types of protein. Milk proteins, soy proteins and fast proteins (Whey protein). You thus enjoy several benefits in one shake.
  • Whey isolate: The protein contains less fat and lactose and fewer bioactive substances due to the purification process. It is the purest Whey strain with a high protein concentration.
  • Whey hydrosilate: The protein is already partial hydrolysed and thus a predigested form of whey protein. It is used because of its improved digestibility used not only by many athletes, but also in medical protein supplements and infant formula.

Whey protein products from all well-known brands

House of Nutrition has Whey protein from the well-known brands First Class Nutrition, GOT7, M Double You, Nutrend, Performance Sports Nutrition and Scitec Nutrition. Bestsellers in the wide and versatile offerings are Milk & Whey Protein, Pro88 Day & Night, Pure Whey, Whey Sensation and 100% Whey Protein. Which Whey protein is right for you? That depends on you sporting goals, of your body and your budget.

Whey isolate is suitable if you suffer from lactose intolerance. You suffer less from bloating feeling and flatulence. Whey hydrosilate has the high absorption rate as well as great advantage and it has the highest protein percentage. It can also be used with a lactose intolerance. The different whey proteins all have their own specific properties. The specialists at House of Nutrition can tailor you advise on the different products. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Whey protein: most supplement used in the world

Whey protein has a high nutritional value. It is the most widely used supplement in the world. Athletes take the protein as a supplement to natural muscle growth, for good recovery after exercise and when weight loss is a goal. The athletes or other users don’t want to feel hungry and they have an eye for their immune system.

Contact our Customer Service for personal advice

Due to strict EU legislation, we are only allowed limited information provide about ingredients. The Koag Kag has strict rules on it field of supplements and ingredients. As a result, we cannot and must not provide further information on ingredients or supplements. Only approved claims that are in a database are allowed and allowed to be listed turn into. If you still have a question about a certain ingredient or supplement, call our customer service for personal advice.

Select your Whey protein the webshop from House of Nutrition. Would you like more information or advice? Call (+31 (0) 85 210 50 10) or email (info@houseofnutrition.nl) and our Customer Service will answer all your questions or requests.

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100% Whey sensationFirst Class Nutrition
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