Morning workout

Nancy Heijnis
17 March 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Enough exercise is important for our health. Yes, we know that now. But when you come home from work later than planned, a workout sometimes wants to look like. Fortunately we have the solution! Stand up slightly before and do a morning workout! By a workout in the early morning you don’t have to think about it all day. It will be difficult in the beginning to jump out of your bed as early, but you will see that it quickly becomes part of your rhythm. In this blog we discuss the benefits of sports in the morning and we also give you an example workout that you can just do from your living room!

Benefits of a morning workout

after it reading these benefits of a morning workout, you are probably convinced to start with it!

  1. by kicking the day with a morning workout, you have one all day one Good mood and you feel super energetic! That is because endorfine is released during moving. And endorphine is the most important hormone that ensures a lucky feeling!

  2. Moreover, a good morning workout ensures that you are a lot more alert than normal because your blood circulation is stimulated. There will be more oxygen-rich blood in your brain, so you can focus better and concentrate on your work for example!

  3. You hold more time for other things in the evening.

  4. Because you can relax in the evening, and you don’t have a hunted feelings to exercise, your body can prepare for a good night’s sleep. About two to three hours before going to sleep, melatonin will be released in the body so that you fall asleep well.

  5. if you decide to go to the gym, then it is still nice and quiet. This is how you can finish your training schedule undisturbed!

Disadvantages of a morning workout

Of course a morning workout not just about rose scent and moonshine. For example, the disadvantages that you can experience are:

  1. You must appear on work on time. That is why you could experience a little more in the morning to finish your training.

  2. Your evening routine requires some adjustment. You will be tired earlier and therefore go to bed earlier.

  3. In the morning you might have a little less power than in the evening. But hey, you can train this too! Let your body get used to it and you will see that it will get better and better.

a complete morning workout for home

you don’t sit down So early to go to the gym because it still requires too much time? We have put together a morning workout for you that you can just do at home. You don’t need a sports material, because it is a complete bodyweight workout. You can do it as long as you want. Complete each circuit at least 1x. Do you notice it’s easier? Challenge yourself and put every circuit 2 or 3 times before you start at the next circuit.

Circuit 1:

  • PAUSE SQUATS (Keep 3 Counts) | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • Bulgarian split squat (left leg on a chair) | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • Bulgarian split squat (right leg on a chair) | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • JUMP SQUATS | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • JUMP LUNGES | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest

circuit 2:

  • Push ups (support on your knees if you are not a whole push up) 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • Supermans (hold 3 count) | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • shoulder taps | 45 seconds, 15 seconds rest
  • shelf walkout | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
  • burpees | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest

    circuit 3:

    • crunches | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
    • Penguin taps | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest
    • Dead bugs | 45 seconds, 15 seconds Rest

    Start here, end strierger!

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