Diet and lifestyle

Nancy Heijnis
7 February 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

# 1: Short term vs Long term

You often follow a diet for a few weeks while a lifestyle is forever. After a diet, people often fall back into their old habits, if you have not stopped after a week or two weeks. With a lifestyle you gradually adjust your habits where you feel comfortable and match your pattern.

Tip # 1: Do not throw your lifestyle drastically at once , But make small adjustments step by step.

# 2: a diet is arranged for someone else, a lifestyle suits you

Everyone is different and also works something else for everyone. With a diet you often follow the guidelines from the particular diet method, but it might not suit you at all. When you adjust your lifestyle you will look at what works for you! You will eat what you like, when that suits you and also exercise if you have time for that. You will keep that longer than when you get slightly imposed.

tip # 2: Follow a diet on a diet on, but see what works for you.

# 3: a diet often only runs to power, a lifestyle is much more than that

With a diet, the focus is often placed on it Changing food and not necessarily on movement. When you get started changing your lifestyle, then it is often looked at more movement.

tip # 3: start twice a week Sports and you will see that you feel fitter

# 4: With a diet you cannot make mistakes, with a lifestyle that is less very much

You are good on the road with the diet, but then you suddenly start to crave an unhealthy snack. Especially because you can’t do it, it is extra attractive to do it right. Do you know that feeling? With many people who want to lose weight and therefore follow a strict diet, it often goes wrong because they think or decide that they can no longer eat all kinds of foods. The chance is greater that you are going to eat binge. That means that you eat a lot of food in a short period of time and actually have no control over it. With a lifestyle you can eat something unused and therefore you can often leave it!

tip # 4: eat calories to your calorie needs and Occasionally eat something unused if you feel like it. So don’t make a restriction of it!

# 5: Hungry vs saturated

During a diet you often experience a feeling of hunger. Because of the hunger feel it is extra difficult to control you with food. It is also certainly possible to lose weight without a hunger! If you are engaged in changing your lifestyle, then you eat when it comes to you and eat until you are met.

tip # 5: Listen to your body , Because your body does not indicate that you are hungry. Eat healthy snacks such as a piece of fruit, cracker or dairy product.

# 6: a lifestyle is gradually, with a diet you have too many adjustments at once

If you will follow a diet, you ask yourself from one on another day to radically throw your habits. This is doomed to fail. With a lifestyle you start with minor adjustments and this continues to build up. This allows you to get used to your new pattern slowly.

tip # 6: again: make small adjustments step by step. This way you can get used to it and it is easier to keep in the long term.

# 7: a lifestyle simply adjust in certain situations, a Diet not

Are you on a diet and are you going on vacation or do you have a birthday? That is of course not planned in the diet plan. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you just adjust it easily!

tip # 7: Do you have a special occasion? Then plan this as a cheat day. It is not bad to eating something unmed in occasionally!

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