Why celebrate success when losing weight is important!

Nancy Heijnis
17 January 2022
Reading time: 3 minutes

losing weight can be handsome. If you have in mind to lose a few kilos, it is not reached within a week or month. Celebrating small successes in between is therefore super important! Are you somewhat quiet with what you have achieved in between? If you don’t do this, you can miss out a lot of positive outcomes. Yes, hard work can be rewarded. In this blog we give a number of reasons why celebrate successes when losing weight is so important.

# 1 motivation to continue losing up

First, celebrating Success for a dose of extra motivation! Have you lost the first kilos? Treat yourself to a new sports outfit, tasty /new taste protein shake or a nice day out. By standing still with your success and celebrating it, it will taste to more. You re-motivated to work on the greater goal and maybe you do it even better this time. Success challenges you and motivates. Moreover, it’s nice to feel successful.

# 2 Find fun while losing weight

Almost no one will lose weight in the beginning and it is often more a ‘need’. But by achieving success in between you will enjoy it! By focusing your attention on your positive performance, you set more positively and get more pleasure from losing weight. You are proud of the results that you have already achieved so far. ‘The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life, The More There is in Life to Celebrate’- Oprah Winfrey.

# 3 contributes to your personal growth

Customs setting is important life. When you have achieved a goal, you feel productive! Moreover, the achievement of goals ensures a piece of personal growth. If you obtain one goal, you will start motivated to your next goals and continue to improve yourself.

# 4 The basis for new successes

as we have just said: it One target ensures that you start the next goal motivated. When you regularly stand still in a performance that you have achieved with losing weight, you will find that this forms the basis for new successes!

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