Interview Sen van Wessel

Max Koopman
10 February 2024
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Interview with Sen van Wessel

Read the interview with Sen van Wessel, a driven 24-year-old preparing intensely for the Defense Fitness Test. His story provides inspiration and insight into how a healthy lifestyle, dedicated training, and proper nutrition support can lead to success in athletic pursuits. Discover his motivation, daily routine, and future plans, and let yourself be inspired to bring out the best in you.

Can you briefly introduce yourself? Tell us about your sports background and achievements.

My name is Sen van Wessel, and I’m 24 years old. I used to play soccer as a kid and found the gym about two years ago. I’ve been intensely training for the Defense Fitness Test for about a month and a half now.

How did you come into contact with our sports nutrition products?

Since I’ve been training intensively for the Defense Fitness Test (and a possible career there), I’ve been looking for food products to support me. During my search, I came across House of Nutrition.

What are some of your favorite sports nutrition products from us and why?

My favorite food products are, of course, Pure Whey (which I use after my workouts) and the protein bars (which I use during or immediately after my workouts and during long walks).

What are some of the biggest challenges you have overcome in your sports career?

I don’t have a “sports career” myself, but my biggest victory in terms of sports/physical activity is, of course, completing the Nijmegen Marches (50 km), and the next biggest victory will be passing the Fitness Test.

Can you tell us more about your daily routine, training, and nutrition schedule?

My daily routine is to wake up in the morning (naturally 😜) with breakfast (yogurt with breakfast cereals) and I take my 1st shake (PRO88 Day & Night). Then I go to the gym and after an hour break, I eat a banana, then I exercise for another hour and at the end I take a protein bar. At home, I have lunch (brown bread with cheese and peanut butter, 2 eggs, and a Pure Whey shake). Then some household chores and at the end of the afternoon, I spend half an hour screen-free and read a book (currently reading Soldier of Orange), when I’ve done that it’s time to cook dinner (at least 2x a week avg).

Do you have any tips or favorite ways to use our supplements?

Use the supplements as supplements. Keep eating well and varied, get enough (night) rest, and adopt a healthy lifestyle; then the supplements will be most effective!

Besides nutrition, what other factors play a significant role in your success as an athlete?

Especially a healthy lifestyle with enough “me-time.”

How do you stay motivated to train and improve your performance?

Monitoring my progress and getting a little better each time.

Can you tell me about a specific person who inspires you and why?

Admiral McRaven and his speech at an American graduation ceremony. His speech is about how all great changes start with something very small (in the speech, for example, he talks about making your bed). His speech makes me realize that I can achieve small and simple things better and ultimately become very successful.

If you could swap a day with someone from another sport, who would it be and why?

With Max Verstappen, of course. How cool is it to drive in such an awesome car at high speeds?

What are your future goals in sports, and how do you think our products will continue to support you?

My future goal is, of course, to pass the fitness test, and House Of Nutrition will play an important role in that, especially in supporting muscle recovery and development.

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