These 3 back exercises should not be missing in your training

Nancy Heijnis
16 January 2023
Reading time: 5 minutes

The back muscles are often forgotten, but make it priority! A strong back only has advantages. By training your back muscles you reduce the chance of back problems and it is good for stability. Moreover, you improve the power of your core and therefore also your posture. Are you losing weight? Even then your back muscles should certainly not skip. The back is a large muscle group that uses a lot of energy. If you train this more, the back muscles will also burn in a period of rest. This increases your total energy consumption. That is why we have 3 basic back exercises ready for you that should not be missing from your training schedule! To make it even easier for you, Sam and Kelly explain the back exercises in the videos.

Back exercise #1: Lat Pulldown

With the Lat Pull Down focus on the back ( Lats), but also the shoulders. That is why it is called a compound exercise.

  1. A good start is half the battle. You sit in the right position by placing the knee tunes above your knees. This way you are sturdy.
  2. Grab the rod at slightly wider than shoulder width.
  3. Pull your shoulder blades downstairs.
  4. Then slowly raise the rod again. Stretch your lats at the top.
  5. Repeat the back exercise!

Back exercise #2: Deadlift

With a deadlift you not only train your back, but you grab multiple muscle groups. That is why we call this a compound exercise again. You train both your lower back and thighs, hamstrings, buttocks and calves.

  1. Start with your shins flat against the rod.
  2. Grab the rod to shoulder width and bag with your hips. (Do not sink too deep).
  3. Tighten your abdominal and gluteal muscles and bring your chest forward. Breathe deep in.
  4. Breathe out as you come up. You move up by stretching your knees and hips.
  5. If the rod is at the height of your knees, tighten the buttock muscles. At the moment you are completely stretched. This way you also train the glutes effectively. Hold for a second.
  6. Then lower the weight in a controlled way to the starting position. Repeat the deadlift exercise!

Back exercise #3: Barbell is over row

The barbell is over row focuses on the large back muscle. This is the most important muscle that takes care of the V-shape. You also grab other muscles such as: hamstrings, gluteal muscles and biceps. So it is again one of the list of compound exercises.

  1. Get the rod to shoulder width
  2. don’t stand up too much but holds Your body horizontal when you lift the rod. (Do not pull your back too convex or too hollow).
  3. Move your elbows along your side up. Let the barbell slide along your legs.
  4. When the rod is on your navel, tighten the shoulder blades well.
  5. Then lower your arms in a controlled way, to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the back exercise!
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