7 consequences if you eat too little

Nancy Heynis
30 August 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Are you dieting, are you in the middle of your cut phase or have you eaten less due to stress in the past period? Then make sure you don’t eat too little! In the short term this can cause weight loss, but in the long term this is harmful to your body. In this blog we pay attention to malnutrition and the consequences of this.

Why you should not eat too little

Eating too few calories can actually be counterproductive. If you eat too little, your body will receive too few macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). This needs your body to function properly. With malnutrition you don’t always have to lose kilos, but it can also have other consequences such as breakdown muscle and bone mass, dizziness, a disturbed menstrual cycle etc.

In addition, it is super tough to maintain a diet where you eat far too little. This will make you feel much more in the mood for snacking and choosing unhealthy meals. According to the Nutrition Center, women have to eat on average 2000 calories per day and men 2500 calories. The number of calories of course differs from person to person. If you have an active profession you will have to eat more than someone who is sitting all day. Weight and length also matter. Are you curious how many calories you can eat in a day? Use a calorie calculator that you can find on the internet.

The consequences of not eating too little

Sometimes we are not conscious when we eat too little. That is why we will share a number of consequences of too little food, so that you notice these body signals yourself earlier.

#1 You think about food all day

You can eat all day long busy because you are constantly hungry? This is a big signal that you take too few calories. Eat larger portions or add snacks to your daily diet. Healthy snacks are, for example, a handful of nuts, hüttenkäse, banana, bowl of cottage cheese and so on. We too have a number of Protein-rich snacks that you can easily take with you for on the road!

## 2 You are constantly tired

calories are actually nothing but energy. If you eat too few calories, you will be constantly tired. If you have no strength for anything, it will be particularly difficult to go to the gym at all. Therefore, eat a little extra and discover what it can do for you!

#3 You are often dizzy

If you eat too little then your blood sugar level will fall and that could result in dizziness to have. Even if you get too little moisture, dizziness can occur. Make sure you regularly eat a snack such as a handful of nuts or fruit.

#4 You can poorly concentrate

Did you know that little food can also have an influence on your concentration? Due to too little, focusing on work becomes a difficult task. In addition, you more often forget things such as important agreements or your to do list at home. When this so -called Brain Fog occurs, you can think of when you last eaten something. Maybe it’s time for a healthy snack again!

#5 Always hangry

When you’re poorly hurt, caused by hunger we call that hangry. The same happens when you get too few calories for a longer time. Eating too few calories leads to more anger and frustration. To satisfy hunger you can eat the best whole-grain products, healthy fats and proteins . Proteins give a satiating feeling. Moreover, this healthy diet gives you all the nutrients that you need. Of course you can also always supplement your diet with Multivitamin or other vitamins and Minerals.

## 6 You no longer lose weight

Are you losing weight but have you not losing a weight for a while? So you may not eat enough. Your body needs calories to burn calories. Try to eat 200 to 300 calories more. And then of course healthy (unprocessed) foods.

#7 You are always cold

Are you often the only one in the office that is always cold? This too can be a signal of too little food. Your body uses the available calorie reserves for important functions such as breathing or your spitting. Your body temperature drops. Also in this case simply add some extra calories to your diet.

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