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Nancy Heijnis
28 June 2022
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How do you stay fit on holiday? We have already devoted a number of blogs to it. For example, read our blog with workouts to stay fit during your vacation or our blog with tips to stay fit on vacation. Is this your goal and do you want to do everything you can to not lose that strength or condition you have worked so hard for while on holiday? Then read on quickly!

In this blog we focus on a number of exercises that you can easily perform on holiday, so that you stay strong and fit!

Our favorite holiday exercises (without equipment)

You don’t need any equipment for our favorite exercises for on vacation. For many it is not possible to take this with you in the suitcase and a gym is not always nearby. Therefore 10 exercises without equipment and can be performed at any desired level. Put together your personal training schedule for your holiday on the basis of these exercises. You can also add activities such as running, cycling or of course swimming to these exercises!

#1 Push Ups

Let’s start with the most famous exercise: the push-up. Easy to perform on the knees for beginners and of course on the toes for more experienced athletes. With this exercise, which you can perform at any holiday destination, you also train a lot of different muscles. This way you train your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, back, hip, pelvis, legs and abdomen with push-ups!

#2 Squats

Mainly a popular exercise for women to train the buttocks and legs: the squat. However, this exercise for men cannot be missed in the training schedule. Moreover, you not only train your buttocks and legs, but also the back and abdominal muscles when you perform the exercise properly. To do this, place your feet shoulder width apart, arms shoulder height and lower down until your legs have reached a 90 degree angle. Then slowly rise again. With squats you can easily vary in amount and pace.

#3 Burpees

Burpees: a heavy exercise that certainly has an effect! With burpees, you start standing, then move to plank position, and then come up through a squat and jump. Advanced users can extend this by doing a push-up between plank and squat. In short, an exercise with all in one!

#4 Lunges

Another popular one for training the legs and buttocks: lunges. In this exercise, you take a big step forward (or backward on the reverse lunge) and then lower down. While doing this, keep contracting your abs and make sure you keep your back upright. Lift your back foot slightly and lower until both knees stop at a 90-degree angle. Hold this for a few seconds and then come back up.

#5 Mountain climbers

A real holiday workout, which you can also perform in an environment without mountains. For this exercise it is useful to stand on a non-slip surface. You get into a push-up position, tighten your abs and glutes and then take turns bringing one leg towards your hands. Is this easy? Then speed up a bit!

#6 Wall sit

A good exercise for the thighs: the wall sit. Here you stand with your back against the wall, feet slightly forward at shoulder width. Then lower into a squat, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Continue to contract your abs and keep your back against the wall. Now hold on!

#7 Triceps dips

In addition to legs and buttocks, your arms cannot of course be forgotten. The Tricep dip is therefore a good exercise to add to your training schedule. This one mainly focuses on tight upper arms. To do this, sit on a bench, chair, stairs or step. Place your hands at the end with your fingers forward. Your elbows are pointing back and your feet are slightly away from the chair. This way you can perform the dips with your legs straight. Next, push yourself off the chair, leaning mainly on your arms, and lower until your elbows are level with your shoulders. Then come back up and repeat the exercise several times. Make sure that you keep bending your elbows back and not to the side!

#8 Crunches

A well-known exercise for the abs: crunches. Lie on your back and keep your hands on your chest. Place your feet on the floor and make sure your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Lift your shoulders off the floor and slowly rise up. Keep your lower back on the floor. Then slowly lower yourself back down and repeat the exercise. Still looking for another exercise for the abs? Then of course you can always go for the well-known sit-ups!

#9 The Plank

Perhaps not the best exercise to end with, but certainly an exercise that cannot be missed. With the plank you train almost your entire body. You make your body as straight as possible a plank while you only touch the ground with your toes and forearms. You can also easily vary the shelf. For example, you can do planks on your forearms, but also on your hands or go for a side plank, for example (your feet rest on each other and you support your forearm and elbow on the floor).

#10 The bridge

The ideal exercise to stretch and to train your core stability: the bridge. This exercise stretches the hips, chest, neck and back. To do this, lie on the floor and place your feet hip-width apart on the floor, as close to your buttocks as possible. Let your arm rest at your side. Then exhale and push your pelvis up so that your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor. Hold this for a moment and then slowly lower back to the floor.

Good luck and have a nice holiday!

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