Which food can you better avoid for fat loss?

Nancy Heijnis
20 June 2022
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Are you busy losing weight, a diet or do you want to stay on your current weight after a period of losing weight? Then you can better avoid some products or meals. Many food products are thought that they are fairly healthy and do little damage, while they are full of “empty” calories. By this we mean that the meal contains a lot of calories, but does nothing healthy for your body. For example, these (almost) do not contain valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber. In short, it is better to avoid this food if your focus is on fat loss.

7 times food to avoid for fat loss

Everyone knows that these are bad when you want fat losses. For example, we do not have to tell you that a fries mayo with cola, for example, that this will not work to your advantage. Yet there are also many surprising products that will surprise you that they have a negative effect on your body. This is mainly because they are praised misleading as healthy eating. We list ten common mistakes for you, some of which are very surprising!

#1 Light soft drinks

That soft drinks are not good when you want to lose weight is known. Less known is that Light soft drinks are not always a good idea either. With light soft drinks you give your body the idea that sugar is coming in, while your body only receives artificial sweeteners. In short, you mislead your own body. Because of this, after drinking light soft drinks you get more appetite for sugars, which ultimately leads to a larger food intake for many people.

#2 fruit yogurt

The yogurt with fruit flavor. This snack that looks so healthy often produces a good dose of sugar. For example, a lot of fruit yogurt contains even more sugar than the same amount of ice. Excess sugar often leads to weight gain and that is why it is better to avoid fruit yogurt. Therefore go for ordinary Greek yogurt or do some fruit in the low -fat yogurt. Apple, raspberries, strawberries or a banana; Almost all the fruit can be combined with yogurt. This way you can easily avoid the fruit yogurts that mainly consist of sugars and hardly any fruit.

#3 microwave popcorn

Popcorn can be a fairly healthy snack when it is with a small amount of oil on it stove is being puffed. This popcorn contains a high content of fiber and antioxidants. Yet the easy microwave popcorn is often chosen. Unfortunately, as with many easy products and dishes, there are also some disadvantages. Microwave popcorn (and in many cases also the popcorn of the cinema or the theater) contains a lot of sodium, fat and butter replacements. In addition, the microwave bags are covered with chemicals that can have a negative effect on your health. So next time, go out of the pan for the popcorn!

#4 fat -free dressings

Lots of food is labeled as fat -free, such as different dressings. Although these fruity dressings may be fat -free, they are not sugar -free. For example, the calories that were first removed from the dressings are supplemented with sugar. Sometimes you are even better off with the calories of the healthy fats that have been removed. Moreover, many people tend to use more dressing when it is labeled as fat -free, so be careful with this!

#5 white rice

Also white rice falls under food products with no or no or Little dietary fiber. In addition, white rice lets your sugar level rise quickly in the blood, which will then fall again. Because of this peak you quickly get hungry long after you have left the table. A good replacement for white rice is therefore quinoa or whole -grain rice.

#6 smoothies

Smoothies can be super healthy, but can certainly also have the opposite effect. For example, many smoothies often contain calories, carbohydrates and fat. Calories can rise quickly in these drinks, so go for smoothies that use a protein powder or Greek yogurt as a basis. Here too it is best to make your own smoothie so that you have full control over which ingredients go into the smoothie and of course the quantities.

#7 in advance prepared salads

Even No time to cook, but still want to go for a healthy meal? A salad is often chosen in this case. Super easy of course, but unfortunately these salads often contain (too) many calories. This is due to the tasty additions such as creamy dressings, croutons and cheese, for example. Therefore, avoid these pre -prepared salads when your focus is on fat loss and prepare a healthy salad filled with fresh products such as peppers, cucumber and tomatoes.

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