8 tips that help you get on top of your sport dip!

Nancy Heijnis
9 June 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Everyone sometimes suffers from a sports dip. But how do you get out again? You want to exercise again, but you can’t find the energy to really do it. And the longer you don’t exercise, the more difficult it gets to pick it up again. In this blog we share a number of tips on how you break this vicious circle!

#1 Consider why you want to exercise

First it is important that you know why you want to exercise. For example, does it help you to feel fit or do you want to lose a few pounds? Also think about what sports adds to you in your life. If you have an answer to this you can hold on to it and perhaps find that motivation because you really want to achieve something. Where there is a will is a road!

#2 Plan your workouts

Block moments in your agenda on which you will work out. It’s okay to say to friends that you can’t go because you are going to work out. By planning fixed moments in the week you create a routine and that helps to keep the exercise. If you have to come out of your sports dip, don’t place the bar too high for yourself. Don’t suddenly think: next week I will go to the gym 5 times. That is not going to work. Build it up slowly. Even though you exercise 2/3 times half an hour a week, that is a good start to get it back on track!

#3 Provide variety and look for a challenge at

< P> Have you been doing the same round in the gym for weeks? It is not surprising that it will be bored. Find a different training schedule on the internet or try to make one yourself. By doing or learning different exercises you also keep it fun for yourself. Moreover, you keep stimulating your muscles and that creates a nice challenge!

#4 Eat healthy

Are you often tired and is that also the biggest excuse why you don’t exercise? Take a look at what you eat in the week. That may help you get over your sport dip! Nutrition has such a big impact on how energetic we feel. Therefore eat as healthy as possible. This means that you eat a lot of vegetables,  protein and unprocessed products. It is also advisable to vitamins and Minerals In addition to taking your daily diet so that you won’t be short of.

#5 you surround friends who are also sporty

Speak Agree with a friend who also likes to sport. This is a stick behind the door to go anyway. In addition, it is of course also super fun to exercise together and you can inspire each other with new exercises or training routines.

#6 Try to work out in the morning

Not everyone is of course A morning person, but sports in the morning can have a super motivating effect. Stand earlier on do a short home workout or go to the gym if you have time for it. This way you can wake up well and you are also focused on other tasks all day. Whether your alarm goes off at 7 am or a little earlier, you will be tired. Maybe you should just make sure that you go to bed a little earlier. By doing this a few times, you build a routine for yourself, making it less and less effort.

#7 Buy a new sports outfit

Buy your motivation! By this we mean a new Sportoutfit. It can work a lot more motivating if you think you look good in the mirrors and that includes a cool sport outfit.

#8 Get inspiration on social media

maybe others can help you come out of a sports dip. Take a look at Instagram that others are doing. What exercises do they do and what do they eat? It can certainly help you inspire these exercises or meals too!

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