Stay fit on vacation

Nancy Heijnis
7 June 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Finally, the time has come! That well-earned holiday is just around the corner. Maybe you have been preparing in the gym for months and have done everything to be able to walk on the beach with a beautiful body. Or maybe you’ve just started a training programme and are just starting to get into the swing of things. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, one thing is certain: you don’t want to throw away all the hard work of the past weeks or even months in one holiday. But how do you stay fit during your holidays? We’ll tell you more in this blog and give you some tips on how to stay fit on holiday!

Strength and fitness

It often takes a while before you achieve good training results. Something you can often be very disappointed about, but in the case of a holiday this also has its advantages. The results that take longer to build up are lost less quickly. The muscular strength that you developed in the months before your holiday does not disappear within two or three weeks. You might look a bit less muscular after a few weeks, because you lose muscle mass faster than you lose strength. But as soon as you return to your old routine after your holiday, both will quickly be back to normal!

Conditioning is a slightly different story. You usually build it up faster than strength and can therefore lose it again more quickly. Of course, this also depends on what your holidays are like. Do you go out every night, don’t sleep much and do you eat and drink unhealthy? Then you’ll definitely notice the negative effects of this during your first sporting session after your holiday. But have you planned an active holiday? Then there’s a good chance you’ll pick up where you left off after your holiday without any problems. If you think it’s necessary, take a few steps back after your holiday and then slowly build up your training again. This way, you can prevent unpleasant injuries after a holiday!

Rest on holiday

For many, a holiday can also be the ideal time to take a break. This gives your muscles and tendons the time they need to recover fully. You can even plan your holiday to fit in with this by planning it after a competition or a PR. This way, after a period of heavy training, your body can completely relax and recover. You will only benefit from this after your holiday. Do you want to know more about the necessity and advantages of rest after exercise? Read our blog about the importance of rest after exercise.

Tips for staying fit on holiday

Want to do what it takes to stay fit on holiday? Then we’ve got some tips for you! Make sure you decide how far you want to go on holiday beforehand. Do you have the feeling that you will regret it the whole holiday if you set your standards too high? Then relax and try to find a compromise that works for you. However, are you working towards a goal and would you hate to have to take a few steps back because of that one holiday? Then you can be more strict!

#1 Drink in moderation

Beers, cocktails and soft drinks; most holidays are full of them. That’s why we’ll start with the well-known advice: “Enjoy in moderation”. For example, agree with yourself beforehand on the number of drinks you can have on one day, the type of drinks you can have and the time after which you can drink. A good tip: drink plenty of water. In warm weather it is always important to drink enough water, and this way you avoid the calories that would be lost by drinking soda or other drinks.

#2 Watch your diet

When it comes to food, the same advice applies: “Enjoy in moderation”. There are also various agreements you can make with yourself. For example, go for a maximum of three meals a day or agree a maximum number of calories with yourself. In addition, it is also important on holiday (even if you do not sport) to get enough protein if you want to maintain muscle mass. Use supplements or meals with chicken, fish or nuts, for example. Avoiding tourist spots around dinner time can also work to your advantage. Here the temptation to go for a fry or a hamburger will be even greater. So look for places where the locals go. These meals are generally more nutritious and you’ll also get to know the country or city from a completely different angle!

#3 Enough exercise

You can make your holiday as active as you like. Are you planning a quiet sun, sea and beach holiday? Then agree with yourself to walk for an hour or swim every day. Would you like to be a bit more adventurous? Then go for activities such as mountain biking, climbing, canoeing or surfing. If you take a closer look at your destination, there is often plenty to do. You can also choose to visit the local gym or do a holiday workout. These exercises using your own body weight and without supplies are ideal for maintaining strength on holiday!

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