7 reasons why you don't lose any body fat

Nancy Heijnis
25 May 2022
Reading time: 8 minutes

Some have been trying for years to lose extra body fat, with or without success. Always dieting is also not the solution either, because often the so -called yo -yo effect will occur. Lowering the fat percentage can be super tricky and sometimes you just don’t even know what it doesn’t matter to you. That is why we have the most common mistakes why you don’t lose body fat for you!

#1 You eat too much

It seems so simple, but do you know exactly how many calories you eat? If you prepare a meal, it could be surprising again how many calories it actually contains. Certainly oils, butter and sauces such as mayonnaise are calories that you don’t think about quickly, but certainly count! If you want slimming and so to lose fat, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. Therefore, keep track of what you eat through an app and weigh your food on a kitchen scale. You will learn a lot from this and maybe it is the reason why you don’t lose any fat.

#2 You drink too many calories

The only liquid that your body needs is is is water. You can of course alternate this with coffee or tea. But don’t forget that sugary drinks contain a lot of calories and sugar and that has a negative impact on fat loss! For example, a glass of coke contains 135 calories, orange juice 135 calories and a vase is good for 115 calories. That taps nicely. If you look too deep in the glass at the weekend, then it will be added that you will crave bad and greasy food. You can sometimes drink a glass of alcohol, but don’t go too far because that will be counterproductive.

#3 Make sure you also eat responsibly during the weekend

Cheat meals in the weekend is getting out of hand, can also be a reason why you are not falling in your fat percentage. The 80/20 rule (80% healthy, 20% sinning) is a good rule if you want to stay on weight. If your goal is to lower your fat percentage, then you will also have to eat responsibly in the weekends. Do you want to eat a high -calorie meal? Then make sure that this always fits within your calories that you have to eat to lose weight. If you eat 1800 calories during the week divided into 3 meals to lose weight, you eat 600 calories per meal. On a Sunday, for example, you could choose to eat 2 meals that contain a little more calories.

#4 You have too much stress

Did you know that stress also affects Can you be on the fact that you do not lose fat? Stress is an absolute culprit. When stress occurs in the body, more cortisol is produced than normal. Chronically increased cortisol can be responsible for increased storage of body fat. Even if your training sessions are on point and eat super clean, excessive stress can prevent you from bringing down your fat percentage. Do you want to relax more? Take time for yourself, read a book or do yoga.

#5 You sleep too little

Journal of Lipid Research has done research into sleep deprivation and how this affects the hormone levels and digestion. They discovered blood samples who were taken during the examination that the participants with sleep deprivation were less likely to remove fat (lipids) from the bloodstream. This can cause problems because excess quantities of lipids can cause fat to deposit in the vessel walls, which increases the risk of heart disease. In addition, it can be a cause of weight gain. After a few days of sleep deprivation, it may already be that you feel less saturated after eating a meal. That is why you eat more than you actually need or your snacks more often. Limitation of sleep changes the way our body processes the nutrients in such a way that the chance of weight gain and diseases such as diabetes increases. So don’t underestimate the importance of sleep if you want to lower your fat percentage!

#7 You do a lot of cardio with a low intensity

Do your training sessions mainly consist of hours on a treadmill or cross trainer? Also go into the power loft! Cardio is not a resistance training so you do not train muscle strength. By burdening your muscles during a training with weights, you not only ensure that you lose fat during training, but also after training! You build muscles and the more muscles, the higher the combustion will be. If you want to do cardio, it is best to opt for interval training. With this you challenge both your cardiovascular system and your muscle system. Win-win so!

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