Train legs: you have to read this! (including workout)

Nancy Heijnis
18 May 2022
Reading time: 8 minutes

Training legs is heavy and stressful for our body. Our legs are also a very large muscle group. Some prefer to skip their legs. But hey, Never Skip Leg Day! If you want a nice balanced physical, then you have to train all the muscle groups, including your legs!

Why is skipping leg day a bad idea?

Are you someone who is not Train to legs? Or do you prefer to skip your legs? We give you a number of reasons why you shouldn’t do that!

  1. The leg muscles are not just a large muscle group, but the largest muscle group in our body! With intensive training, a large hormonal growthrepsons is created. Other muscle groups also benefit from this!
  2. Fair is fair, a big torso, large arms with narrow legs underneath does not look.

  3. Strong leg muscles also make our daily activities easier.
  4. You also train your ABS with lots of leg exercises. This is good for our body balance!


Crequently made mistakes during Leg Day

Do you see little progress while you often train your legs? Or do you want to start training your legs, but certainly no mistakes or injuries? We share the most common mistakes Lay Day.

#1 You do too many insulation exercises

you train a lot with devices instead of loose weights? That is of course very easy, but devices are often focused on specific muscle groups. You also call this insulation exercises. With compound exercises you train multiple muscle groups, making you stronger and you learn to keep balance. Therefore, make sure that your leg day also contains compound exercises such as squats, bulgaran splits squat or lunges.

#2 You grab heavy weight

Of course you prefer to have results as quickly as possible. It is therefore very tempting to grab heavy weight, but this can cause injuries. Therefore build it up slowly. If you notice that you can easily last 3 sets with 12 repetitions, then it will be time to add a little extra next time!

#3 High Reper versus Low Rep

If you want to be muscular and you make a lot of repetitions, you will not achieve this. You can reach muscular legs especially when you do compound exercises. The weight that you will have to grab is 80% of your 1RM (maximum weight that you can push away with 1 repetition). Do you prefer slender legs? Then you can go better for many repetitions with less weight.

What does the perfect legs training look like?

With a successful lay day you train both the front and back of you legs. There must mainly be focus on compound exercises. As you now know, you train multiple muscle groups at the same time. These exercises are also the hardest, so you start the training with this. Then you could bring a number of insulation exercises that you would like to focus on. Also don’t forget the hot up before your training. Because your muscles are already warmed up, you have as little chance of injuries as possible. We have set an example leg workout schedule for you!

Leg workout Set 1 Set 2 set 3
Barbell Squats 12 10 10
Barbell Lunges 10 10
Bulgaran Split Squates 8 8 8
Leg Extension 10 10 10
Lying Leg Curl 10 10 10
single leg kettlebell calf raises 10 10 10

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