What to do with empty protein pots?

Nancy Heijnis
17 May 2022
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Are you a fanatic athlete and do the protein pots fly through it? You can reuse protein pots in a fun way! In addition to being working on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for yourself, there are also enough ways in which you can help the environment in a sustainable way! That is why in this blog we offer three original ideas for reusing empty protein pots.

Storing dry food and pet food

Many protein pots are the perfect size for storage. Moreover, the pots are a lot firmer than the bags in which products are often packed. You can therefore use protein pots ideal for storing food. Especially in the fitness industry it can save a lot of money to buy food in bulk. Consider, for example, nuts and seeds, but also rice or pasta. You can then easily store this in the empty pots. This can also be a solution for pet food. The lid of the pot can even be used as a power bowl!

What should you do for this?

  • Remove the label and completely clean the pot From glue residues with alcohol and a work towel

  • both the container and the measuring cup were thorough, so that it is ready again for subsequent use

  • < P> Use a waterproof marker or stickers to give the pot a name or decorate
  • Fill the protein pot with the bag of food and place the measuring cup/spoon on it. This way you can easily remove the food, just as you did with your protein for this!

Storing children’s toys

Many parents will recognize this. You can find it everywhere: small toy cars, barbie dolls, lego stones, beads and so on. For these situations, empty protein pots are the ideal size to store the toys. The pots are also firm and you can easily close. This way you can walk quietly through the house again without danger to kick something. The nice thing about this project? You can involve the children yourself to decorate the pots.

  • Remove the label and make the pot completely clean from glue residues with alcohol and a work towel

  • Was both the container and the measuring cup thorough, so that it is ready for next use

  • Take water -resistant markers, stickers, colored paper, finger paint and go An afternoon creative with the children get started!

Use as a new plant pot

especially for the black protein pots this is a nice alternative! Because what could be greener than using your old protein pots as a plant pot? This way you can dress your garden or balcony easily and quickly with beautiful plants. A cheap solution, but you can ensure that you do not abandon this!

In addition, you can also renovate your own food in these pots. Some spices, herbs or plants such as basil, parsley or thyme can easily be renovated in these pots. Curious how to approach this?

  • We start again with removing the label

  • Then you can thoroughly clean the container and Let it dry

  • Prick for drainage different holes at the bottom of the pot

  • < li>

    You cut the top of the pot Then off or cut off with a Stanley knife. This way there is a bucket -like container about which you can fill with land.

  • Do you want something extra? Buy a sturdy /thick rope, then spread the pot with glue and wrap the rope around the pot. So you have a cool plant pot in a fairly simple way!

Do you have more fun ideas yourself? We would love to hear from you!

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