Eat what you want day

Nancy Heijnis
10 May 2022
Reading time: 3 minutes

Today, May 11, it is eating what you want day, also eat what you want day. The perfect cheat day if you ask us! This day was created by two American actors, the couple Thomas and Ruth Roy. In addition to eating what you want day, they have more than eighty other special days to their name. On March 18, for example, it is “forgive your parents day” and on 28 August “Kruimel over your keyboard day”. Eat what you want day is by far the best known. With this day they try to draw attention to the food and diet trends under the younger generation. On this day they go against this by giving everyone the chance to let themselves go completely in the field of food for a day. And this brings us to a frequently asked question in the world of sport and nutrition: “Do I ruin my diet by eating unhealthy for one day?”

do I ruin my diet by eating unhealthy one day?

let’s reassure you, with a well -known ‘cheat day’, you don’t immediately ruin your entire diet. To get half a kilo in one day, you have to eat a lot of ridiculous. Of course it is important to think about how often you plant a Cheat Day and what you can eat on this day. Are you working on a strict diet and do you have ambitious goals to lose weight, do not plan a Cheat Day every week on which you immediately work half the menu of the local catering business. In that case it can ruin your diet somewhat. Carefully deal with it, then that one nice meal that you have been craving for so long will really be a reward for all your hard work!

The benefits of eating what you want day

Of course, by going wild once a year you can eat what you want day, little ruin. There are even different benefits to these days! For example, once in a while a Cheat Day can ensure that you keep your diet on. So you have to work hard after all those weeks, finally no calories can be counted when you are on that one nice party, when you finally have had that important sports match or when you go out. This kind of rewards can, on the other hand, be motivating to pick everything up again afterwards!

too strict for your body

This way too strict for yourself can also be counterproductive. Some are even so strict for themselves that the diet mainly leads to stress and you can’t really use this. A day of cheating does not have to be a disaster, but can take the stress of the diet away from you for one day. That way you can continue in good spirits afterwards. This ensures that you do not give up immediately when it gets too much or too heavy, but that you keep your diet for longer.

keep enjoying

Finally, it is of course also important that You continue to enjoy! Take your goals and your diet schedule into account, but especially keep thinking about yourself. Know how to find the right balance in between, so that your diet in combination with sometimes a day less strict for yourself, will fit within your lifestyle. This way you prevent the danger that when you are done with your diet, the kilos will fly again when you suddenly ‘eat’ everything again.

for today, that one day in the year: Take it and reward your hard work! Then tomorrow you can hit extra louds in the gym!

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