This summer's most intense obstacle runs

Nancy Heijnis
29 April 2022
Reading time: 5 minutes

Have you always wanted to do an obstacle run? Fortunately, it’s possible again this summer! After many obstacle runs were forced to cancel for two years, this year’s agenda is again full of challenging events. From obstacle runs to mud runs and from survival runs to trail runs. We have listed the best runs in the Netherlands for you!

Strong Viking

First, the Strong Viking should not be missing. The Strong Viking is a run where you are challenged both physically and mentally. The history of this obstacle run goes back to the time of the Vikings. Vikings are known as a primeval interpret: tough, strong and adventurous, and this is clearly reflected in all the elements around the Strong Viking editions. Way together with a smile on your face and pushing your limits, that’s what this Obstacle Run turns around.

  You can travel this obstacle run in different places in the Netherlands, but there are also strong Viking Editions in Belgium and Germany. The most famous Strong Viking editions are the Mud Edition; The perfect challenge to start the year, the Water Edition; This is the summer challenge with spectacular water obstacles, the Brother Edition where everything revolves around teamwork and of course the Family Edition; An edition full of mud and pleasure! The next editions in the Netherlands are in Wijchen on 18 and 19 June.

Mud Masters

Mud Masters is also a popular Mud Run in different places The Netherlands and Germany are being organized. This obstacle course is based on real military storm tracks. That way you can be the action hero that you have always wanted to be for one day. There are various distances that you can go for. The shortest course is 6 kilometers and the longest course no less than 42 kilometers. In short, enough challenge for everyone! Good training and preparation can certainly not be missing at this event. Get everything out of the closet and make sure you reach the finish together!

Spartan Race

The Spartan Race is the largest obstacle run in the world. The Spartan Race will also be held again in the Netherlands this year on 28 and 29 May in Zandvoort. You can go for the 5 -kilometer stadium with 20 obstacles, but also for the super race of 10 kilometers, the Beast Race of 21.1 or the ultra race of 50 kilometers. With this Ultra Race you will find no fewer than 60 obstacles along the way. In short, a run where you really get to know yourself. The test for strength, endurance and perseverance!

Color Obstacle Rush

Do you mainly feel like an afternoon full of fun, pleasure and color? Then take a look at the Color Obstacle Rush. A unique event where everything comes together: the sensation of an Obstacle Run, the pleasure of a Color Run and the fun of a festival. These runs are 5 kilometers long and will be held again this year in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Are you curious about all Obstacle and Mud Runs that are planned this summer? Then take a look at Or are you looking for a challenging run abroad? Then take a look at for all Obstacle runs in Europe. Sign up with friends and go to the limit together. Help your teammates about the obstacles and especially if you reach the finish with each other, exhausted, but satisfied! At which obstacle run we see you this summer?

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