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M Double You - Weight Loss Box - 900 gram

Do you want to lose extra kilos? Then buy the Weight Loss Box and you immediately have everything you need to support and achieve your goal. A complete package with the Whey Isolate , Stack 5 , Fatblocker and the popular shots of the Liquid Burner . The package also contains a handy Traveler shaker from House of Nutrition for preparing your protein shake.

  • With only A-quality supplements
  • Don't compromise on muscle mass when losing weight
  • Helps you not to snack between meals
  • Gives you an extra boost with training
  • Now extra discount on this fantastic package
  • Everything to support you to lose weight
Whey Isolate
Traveller Shaker
100 capsules
Stack 5
90 capsules
Liquid Burner
20 ampullen
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Whey Isolate - M Double You

The Whey Isolate from M Double You has a high protein value of more than 90% and has a very low lactose and fat content. Whey isolate is very quickly absorbed into your body. This is ideal for athletes with a slow metabolism or who suffer from lactose intolerance. No bloating or stomach upset.

  • The Whey Isolate stimulates/promotes muscle growth/muscle mass
  • The M Double You Whey Isolate has a very fast absorption in your body
  • The Whey Isolate has a high protein percentage of more than 90%!
  • The Whey Isolate has a very low lactose and fat content
  • Perfect protein shake for fast muscle recovery available in 3 flavors

Stack 5 - M Double You

The M Double You “Stack 5 capsules” stimulates rapid weight loss by ensuring high fat burning and converting this into usable energy. The high-quality ingredients and herbs in this strong fat burner ensure that the appetite for sweets is reduced and fat burning and muscle growth are stimulated. This combination guarantees rapid weight loss, especially in combination with sports. It stimulates fat burning before, during and after a workout by boosting the metabolism.

  • Stack 5 capsules stimulate the metabolism and fat burning before, during and after training. This promotes rapid weight loss
  • It reduces hunger and appetite. This will make you lose weight quickly
  • Thermogenic slimming formula based on herbs, L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate

Fatblocker - M Double You

The M Double You Fatblocker capsules are the perfect supplement that ensures that the fat absorption is reduced. The Fatblocker capsules contain the great unique ingredient Chitosan. The ingredient with the unique property to bind liquid fats.

  • Prevents the absorption of fat from food
  • The M Double You Fatblocker capsules are effective due to the unique ingredient Chitosan
  • Ideal if you eat a high-fat meal outside the door

Liquid Burner - M Double You

Burn fat? The great M Double You Liquid Burner ampoules is an amino acid preparation that increases fat burning.

  • Ideal for weight loss, stimulates fat burning
  • 1000 mg L-Carnitine per Liquid Burner ampoule
  • Easy to take with you. Box of 20 ampoules

Traveler Shaker - House of Nutrition

This handy Traveler shaker is a must have if you often exercise. You ensure that you can always make the tastiest and light shakes in no time, wherever you are. With an extra compartment for your protein powder.

  • Available in multiple eye-catching colors
  • Made of high-quality plastic and free from BPA
  • With handy compartment to store 150 grams of powders and /or pills
  • Contemporary design
  • Closes perfectly
  • Content of 500 ml

How do you use the Weight Loss Box?

fat blocker:

As soon as you take a meal that contains fats, take the Fatblocker as a supplement to your daily diet (2 to 4 capsules) with a large glass of water. Take at least half an hour before a high-fat meal.

Stack 5

On rest days : Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules in the afternoon, with a glass of water. On training days, take all 4 capsules 1 hour before your workout. On training days, take no later than 6 p.m. due to insomnia.

Liquid Burner

Take 1 ampoule of Liquid Burner one hour before training . DO NOT use the liquid Burner on rest days.

Whey Isolate

Then take 1 dose immediately after your training . Dissolve 25 grams (2 scoops) of Whey Isolate in at least 300 ml of water, skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt.


This Weight Loss Box is intended to support the burning of fat during weight loss and training. It's not a miracle box. So your normal diet must also be adjusted and a good training schedule is essential. Taking in fewer calories than you burn is weight loss. So purchase a good nutrition plan, go to a dietician or ask the gym to guide you through this. Take as few carbohydrates as possible and if you do take carbohydrates, ensure good complex carbohydrates. Partly replace carbohydrates for protein-rich foods. Do use fat, but especially saturated fat, preferably liquid fats (for example Pem spray ) and of course not too much.

Weight Loss Box

M Double You

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