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House of Nutrition - Weight Loss Box - 900 gram

Do you want to lose extra kilos? Then buy the Weight Loss Box and you will immediately have everything you need to support and achieve your goal. A complete package with the Whey Isolate, Thermobooster , HCA Citosan and the popular shots of the Fat Direct Shots from Nutrend. The package also contains a handy Traveller shaker 700 ml from Scitec for preparing your protein shake.

  • With only A-quality supplements
  • Don't compromise on muscle mass when losing weight
  • Helps you not to snack between meals
  • Gives you just that extra boost with training
  • Now extra discount on this fantastic package
  • Everything to support you lose weight
100% Whey Isolate
Traveller Shaker
20 x 60 ml
Thermobooster Compressed Caps
60 capsules
HCA Chitosan
100 capsules
93,56 85,90

100% Whey Isolate - Scitec

100% Whey Isolate from Scitec is an excellent quality protein from whey isolate and the shake has been improved by the addition of hydrolyzed whey that is absorbed even faster. The product guarantees that you receive the correct and highest quality nutrients at the right time

  • Consists of amino acids with the highest biological value, is absorbed the fastest of all types of proteins!
  • For muscle recovery and muscle building
  • With extra L-Glutamine
  • Contains a low amount of fat and sugar

HCA Citosan Fat Blocker - Scitec Nutrition

HCA-Chitosan makes it possible to burn many of your stubborn fats in a short time and prevent new fat particles from depositing in the tissue. Because the composition of HCA-Chitosan makes it difficult for new fat cells to settle, the existing fat cells are also broken down more quickly.

  • Block incoming fats and excess carbohydrates!
  • Can contribute to the control of body weight, body fat and hunger
  • Chitosan binds to the fat in the diet and prevents some of the dietary fat from being absorbed and digested. Natural fat blocker.
  • 100 capsules so 50 servings

Thermo booster - Nutrend

Thermobooster Compressed Caps is a fat burner that consists of a formula of active ingredients that produces a maximum boost effect! You can train longer and it supports the body's metabolism.

  • In easily absorbable capsules for an exact dosage
  • Stimulates the body and supports endurance
  • Contributes to normal cholesterol levels
  • Promotes metabolism
  • With caffeine, Tyrosine, Green tea extract, and Garcinia cambogia extract

Fat Direct Shots - Nutrend

Fat Direct shots is a unique combination of active ingredients that complement and strengthen each other. Training longer and stimulating metabolism is what this product helps you with.

  • Beta-alanine 1000 mg
  • L-carnitine 2000 mg
  • L-arginine 1500 mg
  • Caffeine 100 mg
  • Choline 200 mg
  • Sugar free!

Shaker from Scitec


How do you use the Weight Loss Box?

HCA Citosan:

Take 1 serving (2 capsules) per day, 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.

Thermo booster

Take 1-2 capsules daily. Always on an empty stomach before meals or 30 minutes before physical activity. Take it for 2-3 months and then take a break for three weeks. The maximum daily dose is 2 capsules. Do not take before going to sleep. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Use: swallow the capsule according to the recommended dosage and with sufficient water. Milk and alcoholic drinks are not suitable. Do not chew the capsules!

Whey Isolate

Mix 1 portion of 25 g with 300 ml of liquid once a day. Preferably use a shaker with a sieve. Shake well before use!

-Preferably use after training.

Fat Direct Shot:

Drink 1 shot 15 minutes before exercise. Maximum daily dose is 60 ml. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Intended for direct consumption or dilution in a sports drink. Once opened, the product is intended for immediate use. Shake before use! Possible sediment should not be considered a fault. A tingling sensation is a common reaction!


This Weight Loss Box is intended to support fat burning during weight loss and training. It's not a miracle box. So your normal diet also needs to be adjusted and a good training schedule is essential. Taking in fewer calories than you burn means losing weight. So purchase a good nutrition plan, visit a dietician or ask the gym to guide you. Take as few carbohydrates as possible and if you do take carbohydrates, make sure you get good complex carbohydrates. Partially replace carbohydrates with protein-rich foods. Do use fat, but especially saturated fat, preferably liquid fats (for example Pem spray ) and of course not too much.

Weight Loss Box

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