Speed 175 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen


Adidas - Speed 175 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen - 12 oz | Blauw/Geel - Thumbnail
Adidas - Speed 175 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen - 12 oz | Blauw/Geel
For martial artists who love speed, Adidas has developed the speed line. These boxing gloves are designed with high wearing comfort and a longer lifespan.
The Adidas Speed ​​175 is made of leather with the unique IMF padding on the inside. This lining absorbs the blows your hands get.

  • Leather of good quality
  • Sturdy padding from 1 piece for hand protection
  • Pre-shaped for fist
  • Absorption of impacts for extra comfort
  • Sturdy and partially elastic Velcro closure
  • Suitable for professional fighters
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Speed ​​175 (kick) boxing gloves

Adidas has made a really good glove for explosive sparring sessions. Use them for quick combinations and during pads workouts. Speed ​​it up !!

Boxing gloves Speed ​​175 from Adidsas have excellent wearing comfort and stay in place perfectly during training. One-piece padding for extra protection and wearing comfort. Elastic Velcro closure that ensures that the glove can be pulled tight and for support of the wrists.

Which size?
Always measure your hand without the bandages.

Size Hand circumference Weight
8 oz 14-17 cm 40-50 kg
10 oz 17-19 cm 50-60 kg 
12 oz 19-22 cm 60-70 kg
14 oz 22-24 cm 70-85 kg
16 oz 24-26 cm 85- 92 kg
18 oz 26 cm or more 92 kg or more

These (kick) boxing gloves are suitable for advanced and professionals . The gloves are suitable for fighters who want top quality with the latest technologies.

These Adidas gloves are suitable for thai /kickboxing and original boxing.

Speed 175 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen


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