Speed 100 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen Women's Edition


Adidas - Speed 100 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen Women's Edition - 8 oz | Zwart/Rood - Thumbnail
Adidas - Speed 100 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen Women's Edition - 8 oz | Zwart/Rood
The Speed ​​series from Adidas is intended for fast work. Fast colors combined with the latest padding. Adidas takes the scoop with a 1-piece padding. If you opt for that extra bit of comfort, then you choose the Speed ​​100.

  • Good price /quality ratio
  • Especially for the female hand
  • Optimum wearing comfort
  • Made of high-quality artificial leather
  • One-piece foam padding
  • Very neat solid finish
49,95 15,00
Adidas kickboxing gloves for fast work

Adidas has made a great glove for explosive sparring sessions. Use them for quick combinations and during pads workouts. These gloves are specially made for women. Narrower fit.

Boxing gloves Speed ​​100 from Adidsas have excellent wearing comfort and stay in place perfectly during training. One-piece paddings for extra protection. Elastic Velcro closure that ensures that the glove can be pulled tight and for support of the wrists.

Which size?
Always measure your hand without the bandages.

Size Hand size Weight
8 oz 14-17 cm 40-50 kg
10 oz 17-19 cm 50-60 kg
12 oz 19-22 cm 60-70 kg
14 oz 22 -24 cm 70-85 kg
16 oz 24-26 cm 85-92 kg
18 oz 26 cm or more 92 kg or more

Material: artificial leather

Filling: foam padding
Closure: partial elastic Velcro closure

Speed 100 (Kick)Bokshandschoenen Women's Edition


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