Vitargo ® is a patented carbohydrate composition with unique properties, specially formulated for athletes and top athletes. Delivering top performance simply takes a lot of energy, so your body can use some extra fuel.
  • No added flavors
  • Patented carbohydrate composition
  • Longer carbohydrate chain
  • Clinically tested
  • Rapid gastric transit
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Unique properties
Longer carbohydrate chain
Vitargo Pure is almost the same as Vitargo Carboloader. The difference is that Vitargo Pure has no flavors or other additives.
Vitargo® is a patented carbohydrate composition with unique properties, specially formulated for top athletes to effectively store easily accessible muscle energy (glycogen) in their body. Vitargo® is a significantly longer carbohydrate chain than those used in all other carbohydrate energy drinks. Its molecular structure is reminiscent of glycogen.

Gets absorbed quickly
The larger the carbohydrate chain, the faster it will pass through the stomach and it will be quickly absorbed into your blood via the intestines. This is called osmolality, the lower the osmolality the faster the gastric passage will be. Vitargo® has been clinically tested at the Karolinska Institute of Sports in Stockholm and compared with other 'normal' carbohydrate-rich sports drinks. The results show that Vitargo® is faster in the replenishment of glycogen stores and gastric passage compared to the normally used combinations of complex glucose polymers (glucose, fructoes, dextrose, maltrose, malttrodextrin).
By taking Vitargo Carboloader before or during training, it ensures that your blood sugar level remains stable during exercise, which is good for energy, but it also prevents immediate muscle breakdown. Also ideal after training.
Nutritional value
Content / 75 g: Amount:
Energy 1160 kJ / 280 kcal
carbohydrates 69 g
-of which barley starch 68 g
-of which sugars
Ingredient: Starch Instructions for use Vitargo Pure: Mix 2.5 tablespoons of Vitargo Pure with 200 ml of water before training. Shake well (at least 1 minute) and then add another 300/400 ml of water. Note: you should not exceed the recommended daily dosage!

Mix 2.5 scoop (72 g) with 600 to 800 ml of water.

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