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Nutrend - N1 Shots - Orange | 20 x 60 ml

A professional pre-workout energy booster, ready to use in a handy liquid form. One shot is exactly one dose, easy to carry and can be used for strength efforts and to stimulate longer endurance. Only with the most effective legal ingredients that contribute to more strength, energy and muscle pump.

  • With long-lasting stimulating effect!
  • With beta-alanine, L-citrulline and DMAE
  • With 1000 mg of Taurine and 200 mg of caffeine
  • In the Orange Fire flavor
  • Can contribute to the improvement of strength, endurance and performance
  • With added vitamins

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A new generation of pre-workout energy booster!
N1 Pre-workout shot from Nutrend has been tested by professional athletes who train every day! The reactions were very positive. Test these ultra effective energy shots for yourself that maximize muscle fatigue, mental concentration and exceptionally effective use of nutrients! The result: extraordinary endurance and muscle strength, excellent muscle development and regeneration!

The N1 focuses on strength and endurance, gives you enough energy and an incredible workout experience. It improves your performance, your stamina, you can sustain the training intensity longer. This improves your sports performance.

N1 contains active substances such as:

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid and is a legal substance with a great performance-enhancing effect. It ensures that the muscles do not acidify quickly and tire less quickly.

Arginine (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate: AAKG) is involved in converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into a usable energy form.

Creatine has been proven to be one of the most effective supplements for muscle and muscle development to develop more explosive power and to experience less acidification in your muscles.

L-citrulline malate ensures maximum blood flow and has a positive effect on muscle endurance, so you get more repetitions from a set and develop more muscle strength and mass. It also supports muscle recovery.

L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid and plays an important role in the production of dopamine and therefore extremely important for the brain in controlling nerve impulses and preventing depression. However, it is also helpful in suppressing appetite and reducing body fat, production of skin and hair pigment, and the proper functioning of the thyroid and pituitary and adrenal glands.

Caffeine improves concentration and performance and dispels fatigue and gives a feeling of increased energy. Caffeine improves memory, alertness and motivation. It helps you to make an effort for a longer period of time.

Bioperine® is a patented standardized pepper extract. It significantly improves the bioavailability of various nutrients through increased absorption.

Vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system during and after heavy physical exertion.

DMAE (dimethylethanolamine) improves brain functions, has a positive effect on concentration and increases mental alertness.

Recommended use: before and during exercise.

Taste: Orange Fire.
Each pack contains 20 shots per box.

Nutritional value

N1 Pre-Workout from Nutrend nutritional values:

100 ml 1 dose - 60 ml
Beta Alanine 4 167 mg 2,500 mg
L-arginine 3,333 mg 2,000 mg
taurin 1,667 mg 1,000 mg
glucuronolactone 833 mg 500 mg
Caffeine 333 mg 200 mg
Guarana extract 833 mg 500 mg
Green tea extract 417 mg 250 mg
DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) 33 mg 20 mg
Vitamin C 333 mg = 416% * 200 mg = 250% *
choline 333 mg 200 mg
* Reference intake
N1 Pre-Workout from Nutrend ingredients: Orange Fire: - fire - water, beta-alanine, L-arginine, taurine, acidity regulators citric and malic acid, glucuronolactone, guarana extract (10% caffeine, caramel as colorant), choline chloride, green tea extract (40% L-theanine), L-ascorbic acid, caffeine, potassium sorbate preservative, flavor, sodium benzoate preservative, sweeteners neohesperidin and acesulfame K, L-dimethylaminoethanolbitartrace, sweeteners sucralose and steviol glycosides.

Directions for use : intended for direct consumption or to be diluted in a sports drink. Once opened, consume immediately. Shake before use! A tingling sensation (paraesthesia) is a natural reaction of the body to the extremely active ingredients!

Recommended dosage: drink 1 shot 15 minutes before your workout. The maximum daily dose is 60 ml. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Storage advice

Do not expose to sunlight. Keep cool and dark.

N1 Shots


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