The unique protein that stands out thanks to its micellar casein content. In addition, a slower absorption capacity makes this product ideal not only to take before going to sleep, but also during the diet as a meal replacement.

  • For recovery of muscle tissue / muscles
  • Ideal to take before going to sleep and during a low-calorie diet
  • Consists of 80% protein and 7000 mg BCAA per serving
  • For muscle building and more muscle strength
  • Probiotics and Prebiotic Blend LactoWise ™ Additive
  • With a high natural calcium content for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth
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Delicious protein shake with "slow" casein proteins.

Where whey proteins are known as 'fast' proteins because they are easily absorbed into your body, the casein proteins are the slower brother. Casein is gradually digested by your body and gives a pleasant feeling of satiety. It provides a stable, efficient flow of amino acids in your bloodstream.

Your new favorite bedtime snack!

This makes Micellar Casein from Performance the ideal shake before going to sleep, so that the proteins can work for a long time during the night to recover the muscles. Micellar Casein can also be taken during the day, best in combination with the PERFORMANCE Pure Whey.

But what exactly is casein?

Whey protein and casein protein come from cow's milk and are derived from the cheese making process.
The total protein content of milk is divided into approximately 80% casein and 20% whey. Casein is also referred to as the slower protein as opposed to whey as the fast equivalent.

The advantages?

Timing! Casein lasts longer in your system. It is gradually digested and solidifies when it hits the stomach. It appears to have an anti-catabolic effect.

Good for preventing muscle breakdown as it provides your bloodstream with a slow, stable and efficient flow of amino acids that can last for hours.

Result? An increased feeling of fullness over a longer period of time due to a higher level of satiety.

It will also yield better results, as studies have shown that taking whey and casein together has contributed to greater increases in lean, lean body mass.

Combine the best of both worlds.

When should you take it?
Famous as 'the better nightcap', it can also be easily consumed any time of the day. However, due to its slow digestion and amino acid release, casein is best used before fasting or when you are without food for a long time (work, travel, overnight, ...).

Take it to keep you satiated and your muscles satisfied. Even if you're tired of eating that simple low-fat yogurt before bed, over and over.

A Pure Micellar Casein shake blocks catabolism (muscle breakdown) and can be a pleasant change to your daily meal plan.

Micellar Casein Sachet

Performance Sports Nutrition

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