Scitec Nutrition Maltodextrin 2500 grams is a complex carbohydrate prepared from corn. In terms of usage, maltodextrin is very similar to glucose, both of which can be easily absorbed by the body.

  • Maltodextrin 100% high quality pure powder
  • Ideal product for people who want to increase muscle mass
  • Excellent source of complex energy with a high glycemic index (high GI)
  • Excellent supplement for muscle recovery
  • Increases exercise performance
  • Neutral taste for a mix with all your drinks
  • Quick, easy and direct mixing

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Fast fuel for training and recovery
Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate extracted from corn. In terms of use, maltodextrin is similar to glucose, it is readily available to the body. Maltodextrin from Scitec is ideal for replenishing glycogen stores in the muscles. A carbohydrate source that provides maximum energy for training and recovery. Made from 100% pure high quality maltodextrin powder, with a neutral taste to mix with water or the beverage of your choice. It is recommended to use it in combination with amino acids and proteins for an increase in muscle mass.

High Gi
The name "maltodextrin" refers to polymers of dextrose of various lengths, but is not sweet. However, the glycemic index is comparable to that of dextrose (high GI) to promote the rapid absorption of nutrients in the muscles. You will therefore be able to restore your glycogen reserves, which have decreased after a workout.

Try mixing it with your protein shake!
Maltodextrin can also be used after exercise. Since it has a slightly sweet taste, it can be used with any kind of drink, for example you can mix it with your favorite protein shake. It does not contain fat or protein because it is essentially a carbohydrate. It does not contain lactose. It is a carbohydrate supplement that you will enjoy because the body mainly uses carbohydrates to provide energy! Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of muscle function after a very intense muscle effort.

Maltodextrin is an ideal dietary supplement for those looking to gain weight and optimize their performance during exercise. Combine it with a protein shake to optimize your muscle recovery after an intensive workout.
Nutritional value
Maltodextrin from Scitec Nutrition Nutritional Values:
Serving Size: 30g Servings Per Jar: 83
30 g RI% * 100 g RI% * 30 g RI% * 100 g RI% *
Energy 115 kcal 6% 384 kcal 19% Carbohydrate 29 g 11% 96 g 37%
484 kJ 1613 kJ of what sugars 2 g 2% 6.7 g 7%
Fat 0 g 0% 0 g 0% Protein 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
of which saturates 0 g 0% 0 g 0% salt 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
* RI%: Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)
Maltodextrin from Scitec Nutrition Ingredients: ( Unflavoured ): Maltodextrin (from corn)

Mix 1 serving (30g) per hour of your workout with 250ml of water. For best results, drink during and / or after your workout.

Allergen Info

Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, celery, fish and shellfish.


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