L-Glutamine powder is an amino acid for muscle growth / recovery.

  • Prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue
  • Helps to recover more completely
  • Cell growth
  • Stimulates glycogen synthesis
  • Ideal during periods of stress, heavy training and recovery from injuries

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    Keep your muscles and keep building!

    L-Glutamine Powder is a semi-essential amino acid that plays a key role in the anabolism of proteins in your body. During an intensive training your muscle cells need large amounts of glutamine. This means that glutamine must be supplemented after a workout because otherwise, in addition to incomplete recovery, muscle tissue is also lost. If your body does not have enough glutamine, it will be taken from your muscles and will lead to loss of muscle mass.

    Boost your immune system!

    Due to its building qualities, glutamine is used as a supplement during periods of stress (mental and physical), during intensive training and during recovery after injury or surgery. Glutamine is essential for your cell growth and is the main fuel for your immune system. It stimulates your glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscles and reduces the acidification of your muscles after training. Glutamine helps to obtain a positive nitrogen balance, allowing even more muscle growth.

    Nutritional value
    / 5 g

    100% L-glutamine

    Mix 5 g (1 scoop) with 200 ml of water daily, approximately 1 hour before going to bed
    Storage advice

    Keep cool and dry.

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